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Tender Treasures: Wedding Rings for Guys Who Wear Their Hearts on Their Sleeves

Tender Treasures: Wedding Rings for Guys Who Wear Their Hearts on Their Sleeves

Every man is not cut from the same cloth. The antiquated idea of “what makes a man a man” has always been outdated and outrightly false. Just as the fashion and beauty industry has long tempted women to fit expectations thrust upon them, men have been given the same treatment. You should love sports, be rough, enjoy whiskey, eat steak, and show no emotions. Not all men abide by this, and they should never feel as if they’re forced to.

Real men are whoever they want to be. They’re compassionate, considerate, and true to themselves; they support those around them while still embarking on their own adventures; they’re not above setting aside their own needs to help those who cannot help themselves. At Manly Bands, we appreciate every man for who he is: an individual. The wedding rings we design and create for men are meant to showcase just that.

For the artistic, emotionally rich, and tender-hearted men out there, you might want something more than the classic, masculine, nuts-and-bolts wedding band—one color, no design, no engraving, nothing unique or personal. You, a man who wears his heart on his sleeve, might want a customized wedding ring, one that emits the love you feel for yourself, your spouse, and your relationship.

We don’t blame you. That’s why we offer custom ring designs and ring collections from across the spectrum, giving men the option to choose a wedding ring that truly enriches their life.

But what would that ring look like to you? Perhaps you want your newfound jewelry to match your daily style or you simply want something personal, unique, and breathtaking. Whatever it is, we have numerous options to provide you with your ideal wedding band. Let’s take a closer look at how you pick your custom ring design and what various options are available to you.

Designing Your Perfect Ring

When creating your custom ring design, we provide you with some essential steps to make your ideal ring. The steps include the following:

To help you through the process, we provide photos of what each style, material, inlay, sleeve, and finish look like. It’s our goal to guarantee you end up with the wedding ring of your dreams, so we want you to have a picture-perfect idea of what your ring will look like. But how do the added materials, inlays, and sleeves match up to your personality? Let’s take a closer look at some of the most unique ones.

manly bands custom wedding ring

Manly Bands Custom Wedding Ring

Unique Materials for a Unique Man

Are you an outdoor adventurer? No single ring is the same, so you’re sure to end up with something incredibly special.

Taken from different trees from around the world, our wood inlays let you carry a piece of nature with you at all times.

“We are made of star stuff,” as Carl Sagan said. Why not carry that reminder with you everywhere you go, having a piece of the universe wrapped around your finger?

For the kid or paleontologist at heart: Our dinosaur bone rings—crafted from bones too small for museum displays—give you a unique option to display scientific and historical joy wherever you go. 

Existing Collections

Beyond crafting your own, we have premade collections that can meet the needs of any man looking to wear their heart on their sleeve, whether for their spouse, their hobbies, or their profession.

Crafted to shine in tandem, you and your soon-to-be spouse can get matching bands, helping you remain as connected as the day you first told the other that you loved them.

Made from various whiskey brands such as Johnnie Walker, Jack Daniels, Jameson, and Maker’s Mark, we’ve got the perfect set of rings to meet your palate, whether you prefer a smooth caramel or a rich campfire profile.

As much as your wedding ring should speak to the love of your life, it should speak to who you are. This intensely individualistic collection provides you with rings that embody your persona.

married couple holding hands

Your wedding is one of the biggest events of your entire life. Cement its importance by crafting a wedding ring that’s unique, either representing the significance of your relationship or your own personality.