What Is Damascus Steel & Why Is It a Good Wedding Ring Option?

Not many eons ago, men used to only wear gold wedding bands, but the future is now, bro. There are SO many more options for men’s wedding bands these days, and we here at Manly Bands pride ourselves on giving our customers the freedom to choose between some badass ring materials. Damascus Steel is one of our awesome wedding ring options. What makes it so special? Funny you should ask …

aspen damascus steel wedding ring

The Aspen Damascus Steel Wedding Ring

What Is Damascus Steel?

There’s regular ol’ steel, and then there’s Damascus Steel. Around 2,000 years ago, people in India used wootz steel to cast weapons and other various metal items that became known around the world for their unique look and strength. To tell you just how strong and awesome these weapons were, everybody from Vikings to Crusaders wanted to get their hands on these badass swords for their conquests. Legend has it you could slice a feather in half out of the air with a Damascus Steel sword … woah. 

Even though nobody knows EXACTLY where its name comes from, there are a few probable origins. Damascus is the current capital of Syria and where swords made of this steel were commonly sold, so it may refer to steel made in Damascus, to steel traded or bought in Damascus, or to the steel pattern’s resemblance to damask fabric. 

The secret of forging Damascus Steel was exactly that––a secret––and it was eventually lost in translation between generations. :( Everybody thought its secret was lost forever but, lucky for us, two geniuses from Stanford figured out how to recreate it with the help of modern science! Their formula wasn’t EXACTLY able to replicate the Damascus Steel of ancient times, but they were able to come pretty dang close, and this is one of those instances, like horseshoes and handgrenades, where pretty dang close is great!

Why Damascus Steel? 

So the two qualities that made Damascus Steel revered in ancient times were look and strength, and those two reasons are exactly why you should go with a Damascus Steel wedding band. Damascus Steel has this super awesome wavy pattern that looks like flowing water, which makes it really unique and makes it stand out against other metals. 

Since these rings are made by forging metals together (badass), each one is unique! Think about how cool that’ll look on your finger. You really wanna pop? Go with Damascus Steel! When it comes to durability, these rings have to live up to the reputation of their predecessor and, it’s safe to say, they do. You’re not gonna be chopping feathers in half out of thin air or piercing through enemy armor, but these rings can definitely handle the rigors of everyday life. The wavy design even helps hide some scratches!

But that’s not all. Damascus steel rings are corrosion and tarnish resistant, and they’re super lightweight so they won’t weigh your finger down! But here’s the thing … these rings contain a wee bit o’ nickel, so, if you have any metal allergies, you may need to look elsewhere. They also can’t be re-sized, so be sure to double- and triple-check your ring size before ordering.

washington damascus steel wedding ring

The Washington Damascus Steel Wedding Ring


Now that you’re sold on Damascus Steel rings, it’s time to go over some of your different options. Let’s take a look at The Washington and its Cerakote coating. It REALLY brings out the wavy flowy pattern that Damascus Steel is known for, and the cerakote makes the ring even more durable. 

What about The Taylor and its wooden sleeve? It’ll feel and look heavenly on your finger. But one quick thing … be careful around water with this ring (or any wedding ring with wood) on your finger. It’s covered in a water-resistant resin so it can handle some water, but too much may damage it. 

Check out The Aspen and its deer antler inlay. It’s the perfect wedding ring for any rugged outdoorsman, but city slickers can also rock a ring this fresh. Those are just a few of our awesome wedding rings, so what are you waiting for? Order a Damascus Steel wedding band today! If you have any more questions, you know where to find us. Peace!

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