Damascus Steel is an ancient creation, which was used mainly in sword making. The swords were made to be durable in the most manly sense, and sharp AF.  Nowadays, this refers to the patterns created on the steel, which is a replica of old times. You might go for a Damascus steel wedding band if you love history, have some middle eastern roots, or just love the look and durability of Damascus steel wedding rings. Either way, these guys are winners - and as soon as you put them on, you'll feel it too.


What's It Like?

The folding and welding process that makes today's Damascus steel creates the same “wavy water” pattern seen in the blades of old. The pattern was so unique, and many of the blades were of such high quality, that several legends took shape about the “magical properties of Damascus steel.” You know the old cliché about the sword that is so sharp, a hair dropped on the edge will split in two? Yep, thank Damascus steel for that.

These blades were so renowned that they even impressed the Vikings. Yes, the Vikings. That's saying something. 

Maybe it was the recipe of the Wootz steel ingots, or the process of adding those impurities to the smelting process (as any “Good Eats” fan remembers, adding different metals and elements to the molten steel affects the final product. Things like adding Nickel to add hardness to the steel, or Chromium for shine.... What? I like that show!). Maybe it was something about the forging process that yielded such impressive blades. 

While today's Billet or Pattern Welding is not the same process, it CAN produce steel of a similar strength and quality, and it DOES produce a look and style unlike anything else on the market.

Why's That Cool?

What you really want to know is, “Why should I choose a Damascus steel ring?” So we have to ask, “Why wouldn't you?”

To start off, they're not yet as common as other ring styles on the market, and they will stand out when you hit the town. If you're going to wear a ring, why not go for something with flair, something that's as unique as you?

Secondly, there's just something innately primal, raw and manly about them. The history of Damascus steel is rooted in weapons, battle and glory. It's not just some precious metal, kept safe and sound in the vault with all the other shiny baubles. This is warrior metal, working man type stuff. It speaks of strength and power. Does that sound like you?

Thirdly, there is the issue of quality. While not every Damascus product on the market is worth it's salt, properly crafted items offer a level of strength and durability not found in many other products. Sure, you likely won't be using your ring to bash down the gates of an enemy castle, or be dueling to the death with it against a guy with a battleaxe. But you will be going to work, busting your hump at whatever the day brings. Don't you want to know your ring can take the stress right alongside you? Preferably, without cracking or breaking?

That is Damascus steel. A tribute to old-world bladesmiths, a lesson in history. It is old-school quality in the modern age. Here at Manly Bands, we choose to honor that tradition with rings that bear that traditional Damascus look, while still preserving the time-honored quality. These rings are tough, durable and sleek. 

Look at the Aspen, a Damascus steel ring with Antler inlay (more on Antler rings in another post). It's sharp, intricate and undeniably manly. This isn't the ring of some sissified nobility hiding on his throne. This is a warrior's ring, the ring of a man who knows how to earn what he wants, and isn't afraid to fight for it.

You know you want one. So, go get it, dear warrior bro!