Manliest Ring of the Month: Why We Love Diamond Wedding Rings

As the saying goes, “Diamonds are a girl’s best friend.” But diamonds have more friends than just the women in your life. Men, now is the time for you to learn just how awesome you can look with diamond jewelry. Thinking of tying the knot soon and have yet to pick out a ring for yourself? Men’s diamond wedding bands are the way to go. Not only can you impress family and friends with one, but you’ll feel as beautiful as your spouse. But why do we love diamond wedding rings and think they’re so manly? Well, it’s complicated, but it’s pretty straightforward, too. 

Things to Consider When Choosing Wedding Rings 

Wedding rings are no cheap purchase, nor should they be. You’re buying an item that cements your love for another person. It’s a symbol to every other human which screams, “Hey, sorry, I’m taken!”

A single gold band might do the trick, but you’re bound to want something more exciting. You’ll want something personal that can stand up to daily activities and which can be a constant reminder of how much you love your spouse. All of this means you have things to consider when buying a ring, such as:

  • What’s your budget?
  • What’s your style? 
  • What type of metal do you need? 
  • What design interests you most? 

The answers to these questions will depend on your daily life, how you dress every day, if you’re in the manual-labor business, and more. But here’s a better way to narrow down your choices.

Why Diamond Wedding Rings Rock 

Diamonds fit every single style. Whether it’s a black or a white diamond, a guy can fit into a man’s wedding band made of gold or Damascus steel. You might need a wedding band that can stand up to a rough style, or maybe you’re fine wearing a soft metal ring but, either way, you can have a wedding band that has beautiful, ethically sourced diamonds imprinted into it. 

History shows how important diamonds have been in popular culture throughout the ever-unwinding story of mankind. There are the stories of King Louis IX of France declaring, by formal law, that diamonds were to be reserved just for the king and of travelers exploring the globe during the 14th and 15th centuries, earnestly searching for sea routes to expand the diamond trading network. This leads us to the world today, where diamonds are still mined around the globe to meet regular market demands. 

What does history show us? That diamond rings are nothing short of incredible, harkening to days of royal blood, sea merchants traveling the globe, and miners digging into earth in search of treasure. No old-and-traditional gold wedding band will do for a unique man. It’s the diamond wedding band that will stand out and that will make a statement and say “I earned this.”  

Custom Wedding Ring

Custom Wedding Ring

How Our Diamond Rings Stand Out from the Crowd 

At Manly Bands, we responsibly source black and white diamonds for a multitude of our rings. You can purchase a pre-made ring that suits your style or you can make your very own custom band from scratch, choosing all black, all white, or a mix of both. The beauty of a diamond wedding ring doesn’t fall within the “It’s in the eye of the beholder” nonsense, either. That’s because diamonds have always made a statement. It’s that visual bling that makes a person gasp, which catches their attention when the light hits it just right, that makes a person both envious and impressed. 

If you’re someone who likes that vibe—the type of guy who likes keeping to himself but wants to speak volumes at the same time, getting attention where it counts—a diamond wedding band is exactly the right ring for you.  

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Diplomat Solid Gold Wedding Ring

The Diplomat Solid Gold Wedding Ring

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Not sure if you want to settle on a diamond ring until you’ve weighed your other options? We get it! You’re a man on a mission, and you want to guarantee that you end up with just the right ring for your big day. Consider checking out our rings by materials of design. You’re sure to find the right one for you in there.

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