Rose Gold vs. Yellow Gold for Men: How to Choose Which Is Right for You

Finding the perfect wedding ring can feel like a job of its own. Not only do you have to schedule and plan your wedding ceremony and reception, but then you have to find a wedding ring? It already took you years to find your to-be spouse, the person you’re going to spend the rest of your life with, and now you have to find a wedding ring you’re going to wear every day, every year? 

That’s a lot of responsibility! Especially when you’re unsure of the differences between certain types of wedding band materials. 

If you’ve already started your search for the dream wedding ring, you’ve probably had one question come to mind: What is the difference between rose gold men’s wedding bands and men's yellow gold wedding bands

So how do the two rings stack up? Better yet, can they stack up? Can your spouse wear a rose gold wedding ring while you wear a yellow gold ring? 

Now, the good thing to keep in mind is that no one of our rings is the same. We make rings for men — for entrepreneurs, kings, hunters, woodworkers, electricians, construction workers, artists, stay-at-home dads. 

Whether you’re thinking of a yellow gold ring or a rose gold ring, you can’t go wrong. But one will be right for you. So let’s explore their differences and similarities to understand which one is the right choice for you. 

Gold Is Everything 

Gold wedding rings are the standard. They’re a wedding tradition to their core. Not only are they symbols of richness, whether in wealth or in love, but they’re the go-to for brides and grooms all over the world, solidifying their union with a gold wedding ring. 

But then you look into gold wedding rings and see that you’ve got two options, beyond the many different styles available. You can choose from yellow gold rings or rose gold rings. 

Rose Gold or Yellow Gold

So, here’s the thing: the big difference is, get this, their color. 

Alright, excuse us for our assetry. There’s more to it than their color, but that is the biggest differentiating factor for many people!

Yellow Gold

Yellow gold rings are the most traditional rings out there. While you may think that every ring is as pure as can be, they tend to not be. Why? 

A true gold ring (100 percent gold) is known as a 24-karat ring. While it will make for a beautiful ring, it’s not ideal for actual daily wear. True gold is extremely malleable, meaning it does not stand up against damage. It’s also incredibly expensive, so a 24-karat ring gets expensive quickly. 

To avoid damage and scratching, most jewelers will create yellow gold rings that are mixed with other metals. For instance, at Manly Bands, our yellow gold rings are 14K gold. But what’s the rest of the ring made of? The 14K gold rings are made by combining natural gold with zinc and copper. It’s a great decision to make as it guarantees the ring remains affordable and is more resistant against scratching and damage.

Lastly, it also adds a shine that natural gold doesn’t have. While 24K gold is easily distinguishable from a distance, it’s not exactly shiny. By adding zinc and copper, the rings get a bit of a lighter tone, which gives them that unique sheen you can see from far away. 

Considering skin tones and clothing, yellow gold tends to do better on paler skin and clothing, as it won’t draw as much attention. It’s a great way to have a ring that looks wholly natural on your finger. But if you want something that stands out against your skin tone or clothing, you’re more than welcome to make that choice. After all, it’s your ring and your choice, so do what you feel most comfortable with. 

Rose Gold

Rose gold rings are worth their weight in history. They were first created in the 19th century by Peter Carl Faberge. A famed Russian jeweler, he was the creator of the ever-notable Faberge Eggs. Yet, while Faberge’s creation was an incredible step forward in the world of jewelry, the metal didn’t remain in Russia for long. 

Soon enough, rose gold became loved all around the globe, thanks to its color. It was a symbol of femininity to some, an image of love for others. In no time, it had spread all over the globe, being used by people for all types of jewelry. 

We now see it in places further than Faberge eggs: earrings, necklaces, bracelets and more. And more? Yes, we’re talking about engagement rings and wedding bands. It’s grown to have far more significance than it once did, being implemented through all industries, for all purposes. 

They’re perfect for your wedding ring. Not only do they look beautiful, but you can perfectly have your heart wrapped right around your finger, available for all to see. It’ll be like you’re taking your spouse with you everywhere you go. 

Regarding composition, rose gold stands out from yellow gold because it’s more than just yellow gold. Rose gold is made by creating a composition of yellow gold and copper. The higher the copper content, the more red the yellow gold will begin to look, giving it that “rose gold” appearance. 

Sometimes, jewelers will also add in some silver so the ring gets a shinier, whiter tone. This is a great way to make the rings have more of a pinkish hue. This is perfect, as it means that people will be able to get a rose gold ring that perfectly meets their needs — it could either be redder, pinker or somewhere in between, making that perfect rose tone.  

Finding Your Best Ring 

How does it fit your style?

How does it fit your style? 

As we’ve mentioned, one of the main differentiators for a lot of people is the color. Rose gold and yellow gold differ primarily in how they’ll look on your skin, compared to your clothes and your overall vibe. 

One of the primary things you want to consider is warmth. Rose gold is a warmer tone than yellow gold, which means that it will work better on darker, warmer skin than it would on pale skin. It doesn’t mean that either ring won’t work for you if you don’t match that description, but it just tends to be the rule of thumb. And, as we believe at Manly Bands, rules are always meant to be broken. 

Similarly, you’ll want to consider how it will pair with your clothing. If you always dress in black, you can get away with either ring, as gold and black go together extremely well. However, the general rule of thumb is that darker clothing works best with rose gold while lighter clothes tend to do best with yellow gold. 

But then again, yellow gold works great with dark blues and greys while rose gold will equally look wonderful with tropical clothing, light purples and khakis and more. 

So again, rules are meant to be broken. Wear what feels right to you. 

How does it fit your lifestyle? 

You’ll also want to consider your lifestyle when choosing your gold ring. If you’re a man who works in an office, rarely leaving your desk for the outside world, you can get away with just about anything. Why? Because you don’t have to worry about causing damage to your ring, whether through using corrosive materials or physical force. 

However, if you’re a man who works with your hands each day, whether for work or in the yard, you’re going to want a ring that can better stand up to the elements and force. 

A problem for these men is that yellow gold and rose gold rings don’t stand up to damage very well. A strong knock or scratch will show up on your ring. With that in mind, you can still wear a gold wedding ring, but you might have to take it off prior to doing physical work. 

Or you’ll have to consider a different type of gold. White gold tends to do better for working men who still want to wear a gold wedding band — without worrying about whether it will be beaten up after a day of hard work. 

For instance, The Chemist is a solid choice, as it’s perfect for the guy who likes to be stylish while also having the versatility to work at the drop of a hat. 

Can you wear different colors? 

Your spouse wants a rose gold wedding ring while you want a yellow gold ring. What a conundrum! Before you start raising a stink and making a fuss about it, you should know that the two rings are complementary to one another.

As mentioned above, the primary difference, besides their base color, is their tone. While they’re different colors, they both have warm tones. That warmth is important, as it means they won’t clash with one another. It’s like pairing red with orange or yellow instead of red and blue. While the latter works, certain tones can clash when paired with one another. However, because they’re close enough to one another, it works perfectly. 

So the two of you can wear different yet similar materials, allowing you to wear something unique and personal while still tied to one another. 

Take care of your ring

Lastly, you need to ensure you’re taking care of your ring. When discussing the colors of gold rings, white gold can usually stand up to any test because of the coating that is placed onto the ring. However, rose gold and yellow gold do not have any protective coating, due to them being made solely of natural metals. With that in mind, they still maintain their malleability and softness. 

the best way to clean a ring

So for those who work with corrosive materials, you need to be safe. 

Moreover, you need to be careful with how you clean your ring. You can polish your ring, but you don’t have to do it all the time. What you should do is simply clean it. And you don’t have to be exhaustive about it — PUT AWAY THE BLEACH. 

Get two bowls out. Fill one with soapy water and the other with clean water. Lay out a microfiber towel. Also, have a cotton swab or soft towel sitting by. 

Dip your ring into the soapy water and clean it with the cotton swab or soft towel, scrubbing away dirt and grime. After that, rinse your ring off in the bowl of water. Once that’s done, place the ring onto the microfiber towel. You can lightly dry it off, too, but you should allow it to sit for a bit to air dry. Once done, your ring is ready to be slipped back onto your finger.

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