The Wedding Band 101: Brushed, Matte? What do all these words mean?!

So you're getting married and for what probably seems like an eternity, you have nodded your way through endless conversations regarding centerpieces, venues and bridesmaids dresses. As the big day approaches, however, you are left in total control of one big decision: which wedding band will you sport for a lifetime? If you're like most men, you don't have much experience when it comes to choosing jewelry for yourself. If this is the case, it's easy to be intimidated by the task of searching for one of the most important pieces of jewelry you will ever purchase. Second only to that all important engagement ring, the pressure is on. Fortunately, we here at Manly Bands are here to guide you through the process of choosing a manly wedding band that will declare to the world that you are officially off the market.


While agonizing over your darling fiance's engagement ring, you probably explored a variety of metals and materials. There are a lot of options when it comes to rings designed for women, but many men find that their options are rather limited. Typically, most men's wedding bands are made of traditional yellow gold. If you don't care to go for the Mr. T. look, other options such as platinum, tungsten, steel and titanium are increasing in popularity. Other innovative styles which feature natural elements like wood and antler are also on the rise. Above all, opt for a material that reflects your personal style and is able to withstand your daily activities (skydiving, welding, race car driving, flying to the moon- whatever they may be).


After deciding on material, another big consideration is the finish of the ring. This will determine whether you have a flashy, shiny band or a more reserved and subtle one.


Wedding bands with a polished finish are most common. This type of finish makes the ring shiny, flashy and reflective. If you want a show stopping piece, this is the style you are after. Keep in mind that some polished metals are prone to scratching. Opt for a scratch resistant material, such as tungsten, to avoid this pitfall.


Similar to a polished finish, a satin finished ring will noticeably shine. The texture is smooth but this finish will not reflect light. Satin finishes offer a mild level of flashiness for those who like smooth rings but aren't a fan of high shine.


A matte finish is neither shiny nor reflective. It is a low-key and subtle finish that is usually smooth but may also be combined with textured finishes.


Common textured finishes include brushed, hammered, wire brushed and sandblasted finishes. Each of these textures add a drastically different element to the ring, from small lines to coarse grittiness. They can be shiny or matte, depending on the texture, but will not be smooth.


The details of your ring are what makes it truly yours. This may be including diamonds or gemstones, an engraving, a one-of-a-kind color or other personalized feature. There are ways to incorporate custom details regardless of whether you are looking for simple or elaborate.

For the manliest of men, who can effortlessly power lift vehicles and crush boulders with their bare hands (or at the very least, a beer can), your choice in a wedding band should accurately represent your unparalleled masculinity. Whether you are aiming to get in touch with your inner superhero with a flashy and indestructible titanium band or summoning your outdoorsy spirit with a robust wood ring, browse our collection of Manly Bands to simplify your wedding band shopping experience.

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