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The Perfect Pre-Wedding Gift for Your Bride or Groom

The Perfect Pre-Wedding Gift for Your Bride or Groom

Hope you registered for a loom. Historians believe that in ancient Athens, a bride would mark her wedding day by giving her groom a woven cloak as a sign of her weaving skills. Grooms may have given their brides gifts too, but even in ancient times, guys probably weren't great at remembering gifts ... so we don't know for certain.

It definitely hasn't always been customary for a marrying couple to exchange gifts on the wedding day -- but it's common now, so you best be prepared with a little something special on the big day. Whether you agree ahead of time that you'll exchange gifts before the wedding or you prefer to surprise your beloved, presenting a gift is a meaningful way of privately expressing your feelings before you go out and express them publicly.

On second thought, don't worry about that loom: It's the intention of your gift that matters, not how traditional it is. So whether you're a straight or LGBTQ couple, marrying in a church or a hot air balloon, exchanging gifts on the morning of the ceremony or in bed the night before, all that matters is that you choose something that's special to your soon-to-be spouse.

Gifts for the Bride

Gifts for the Groom

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Remember, whatever you choose, it should express what you want to say to your partner, so ultimately it should be something that feels right to you even if it would seem wacky to someone else. Mark the beginning of your new life together with the perfect personal gift! No pressure :)