Excavations of Love: Why Our Dino Bone Bands Make the Most Badass Wedding Rings

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If you’re anything like us, you think dinosaurs are lowkey the coolest. And, seriously, can anybody argue? Roaming the planet some 66 million years ago, these colossal badasses made a massive impact on natural history, mystifying humans century after century. With some dinos measuring as much as 115 feet long and 100 tons (what up, Argentinosaurus?), these gigantic reptiles always inspire awe and wonder among the curious at any age.

Obviously, this all makes the idea of wearing a part of a dinosaur pretty appealing, which is why we created our dinosaur bone wedding band collection. Most of us have only seen real dinosaur bones in museums or in pictures, never getting to observe or feel them up-close. Our rings feature genuine dinosaur bone inlays that you can gawk at all damn day if you want. Seriously, if your inner 7-year-old is flipping his s&%* over the idea of a dinosaur bone wedding ring, your current self is about to go crazy.

Whether you’re a paleontologist, a Jurassic Park fanatic, or simply a grownup who never got over his dino phase (join the club), you’ll love these rings. Here are some more reasons why we’re a little bit obsessed with our dinosaur wedding rings.

  • They’re Completely and Totally Authentic – Yep, every single dinosaur bone ring in our selection is handcrafted with authentic dinosaur bone that actually supported a real dino millions of years ago. Maybe it was a T-rex, a Velociraptor, or a two-pound Microraptor. We’ll never know, but it sure is fun to imagine. Oh, and don’t worry—we’re not ruining any irreplaceable natural relics or anything. All the pieces are taken from bones that were broken or too small to be put in a museum.
The Horner Solid Gold Dinosaur Bone Ring
  • They’re Millions of Years Old – Did we mention that the bone on your ring finger could literally be over 200 million years old? Over the millennia, these dino bones fossilized into rocks (sometimes referred to as “gembone”) containing minerals like agate, quartz, jasper, iron, and This makes every single piece different from the other and creates exquisite patterns. Time has been good to these bones, that’s for sure.
  • They Just So Happen to Be Beautiful – Gembone comes in an array of colors and naturally occurring patterns, and ours come in red, tan, and black. The striking texture looks stunning as an inlay, especially when paired with the rugged and handsome precious metals used by our jewelry-makers—like cobalt chrome, Damascus steel, black zirconium, or solid gold. Add in some amazing finishes, colors, and personal touches—custom engraving, anyone?—and you’ve got a Jurassic-level winner.
  • They’re Hand-Crafted and One-of-a-Kind – Speaking of engraving … that’s one way to make your dinosaur ring a complete and total original, but it’s not necessary. Because of the million-year-old process and the fact that we make ours by hand, yours is already a genuine one-of-a-kind, and no one else will have one quite like it. Dino bones are rare, fascinating and original—just like you. BONUS: If you don’t see one in our selection that makes you like 😍, we can build a custom dinosaur bone ring just for you.
  • They’re Made to Last – These bones have endured for millions of years, and we’re not here to stop the buck, so to speak. While the bones themselves are … well … bones—meaning they are fragile and will break under pressure or impact—we put them through a strengthening process so they endure your busy, active life. We use small fragments of dinosaur bones and then coat them in a water-resistant, medical-grade resin for strength.
The T-Rex Black Zirconium Dinosaur Bone Ring

Step into the Jurassic Era with Manly Bands

Whether you’re dreaming of a one-of-a-kind dinosaur bone engagement ring for the one you want to marry or want to incorporate this material into your wedding band, Manly Bands has got what you need. With excellent lifetime warranties and 30 days to return or exchange, there’s no reason not to bring a little dino into the equation. If you have any specific questions on the material, design, or sizing, we’re always happy to help.

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