Five Benefits to Owning More Than One Wedding Ring

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It’s no secret that when you look good, you feel good. That’s why we need options when it comes to our wardrobe and accessories, right, bro? You don’t have only one pair of shoes, one pair of pants, one nice jacket, one hat ... you get the point. 

Well, by this logic, shouldn’t you have more than one wedding band and ring? More and more dudes like you are adding multiple wedding bands to their jewelry boxes, and we, here at Manly Bands, would like to show you why. Keep reading to learn more about the benefits of owning more than one wedding ring, and then browse our many different wedding ring collections to find your dream wedding ring ... again!

Wearing Multiple Rings

Owning more than one wedding ring allows you to wear multiple rings at once. You wanna be fashionable and turn heads? All the cool kids are doing it nowadays. We know you were taught never to succumb to peer pressure, but doesn’t it look awesome???

When it comes to wearing multiple wedding bands at once, there’s two ways to do it. One ... you can rock them on separate fingers. Pretty straightforward, right? Put one on your pinky, index, other ring finger, or even your thumb! Whatever floats your boat, dude. And the other way ... you can “stack” them on top of each other on the same finger. People have been doing this for a long long time, but it’s becoming more and more mainstream today. 

Wearing Multiple Rings

We’re all about staying on top of the #hip fashion trends, here at Manly Bands. Not only is stacking your wedding band trendy, but it can also have some important traditional meaning. Scandinavian women usually wear three rings for engagement, marriage, and motherhood. That’s pretty deep, right, bro?

Look, dude. You can get REAL creative if you want to rock two or three rings at once. We sell rings of many different colors, so you can mix and match as you please. Want to sandwich a traditional gold ring in between two more modern black wedding rings? Easy. What about pairing a red wedding band with a green wedding ring to get in the Christmas spirit? No problem. Combining the different metals, colors, inlays, and sleeves turns your ring finger into a work of art.

A little piece of advice for our valued customer ... when you’re ordering your second (or third or fourth) wedding band, make sure you know what finger you’ll be rockin’ it on beforehand. Each finger is a different size, and you gotta know your size when ordering. You want that thing to fit perfectly, right? 

Well, then, there’s a couple different ways to find your ring size. We sell a handy-dandy ring sizer for only $13. You can size your finger yourself and even wear it for an entire day to see how that size will feel! The other option is to go get sized at your friendly neighborhood professional jeweler. This will give you the most accurate measurement since they are professionals, after all.

Outfit Coordination

We have already established that you are a man of great taste and style. Every time you step out on the town, you will be looking fresh, and that’s a guarantee. Well, owning multiple wedding rings allows you to take your fashion and style to the next level ... you can coordinate and match your rings with certain outfits and apparel. 

We have rings of every color on the rainbow and then some ... gold, silver, blue, black, brown, gray, green, orange, and more. We also use patterns, sleeves, and inlays as ways to add multiple colors and shades on the same ring. Let’s take a look at some of our snazzier options. 


The Volt is a carbon fiber ring with light-sensitive glass (in layman’s terms, it glows) and would add an excellent shade of green to your outfit. We also have The Journeyman, which is a gold-plated tungsten ring with deer antler, Koa wood, and turquoise inlays. The color combination makes this particular ring super versatile, and you can get all kinds of ‘fits off with the variety. You can even create your own custom ring to get the colors and design you want!

When color coordinating, people love to match their wedding ring color with their outfit color. If you’re rocking some lighter colors in your outfit, throw on a ring like The Showrunner to match it and look all spiffy. But you can also go the other way and pair “opposite” or contrasting colors. Take a darker ring like The Baller and pair it with the same lighter outfit to add an element of mystique to your aura. 

Our collection of cerakote wedding bands are perfect for those looking for color on their wedding bands and to REALLY coordinate with their outfits. If ya don’t know, cerakote is a ceramic/polymer composite that was originally used for protecting metals, plastics, wood, and other things of that nature. It was primarily used for super manly things like guns and tools, but the science guys decided to use it on men’s wedding rings and, let us tell you, they changed the game. 

There are more than 90 color options for cerakote rings ... that’s right ... not nine, not nineteen, but ninety! Take a look at The Washington or The Mandarin. Imagine stepping out on the town with one of those on your finger. And cerakote is also super durable! What’s not to love? 

The Diplomat Solid Gold Wedding Ring

Something for Special Occasions

Owning multiple wedding rings comes in handy for certain special occasions. Sometimes, it even helps out during your wedding! That’s right. Some people have double ring ceremonies where the bride and groom both receive wedding rings. This is becoming more and more common, as it used to be only one person would receive a ring. We’re all about blazing trails, here at Manly Bands, bro. Some also use “plain”-looking wedding bands for the ceremony, but then wear a more decorative one afterward.  

Something for Special Occasions

The ceremony isn’t the only time having multiple wedding rings comes in handy. Oh, no. Many folks have rings they wear on other special occasions like wedding anniversaries or other black tie affairs where you can get all spiffed up. If you want to splurge on one of our solid gold rings like The Diplomat or The Lucy in the Sky With Diamonds, we wouldn’t blame you. These rings are of the highest quality and deserve to be worn for the best and most important moments of your life. 

Everybody Needs a Backup Plan

Are you the kind of guy who always has a backup plan? Some of us can’t help it. You’re always thinking one step ahead, and it’s a great way to go through life. Maybe you always have a second option in mind in case the bar/restaurant is unexpectedly closed. Or you have another movie in mind in case the one you want to see is sold out. If this sounds like you, you need to own more than one wedding ring, and here’s why. 

Players mess up. Sometimes, stuff happens, and you end up losing your wedding ring. While this hopefully doesn’t ever happen, you gotta be prepared. You can’t be walking around without a ring, so having a backup will make for much less stress when this happens. While you’re waiting for a replacement to your original, simply slide on your backup or secondary ring, hit us up about your ring’s specific warranty coverage, and let us take care of the rest. You’re good to go with your backup wedding ring coming off the bench for a bit.  

So, when can you lose your wedding ring? That’s a great question. Generally speaking, you wear your wedding band most of the time. We mean, you paid a lotta money for that thing and you wanna show it off, right? Well, sometimes if you take it off before doing a certain activity, you might forget where you put it. Happens to us all the time with our phones and remote, so it can happen to a wedding band too. And if it does, it might be hard to locate something that size. 

To prevent this from happening, we recommend our Manly Bands Birch Ring Box to all our customers. When you do take your wedding band off, put it in this box for safekeeping! Wedding bands can also slip off during certain activities such as golfing, gardening, swimming, and more. If this happens, you gotta be prepared, like you always are, by owning more than one wedding band, dude. 

silicone rings

You Can Get Your Hands Dirty

Look, dude, if you have multiple wedding rings, you can pick and choose when you wear one or the other. If you shelled out a pretty penny for your wedding band, you’re gonna do everything in your power to keep it safe from any damage. That’s why lots of dudes opt for cheaper rings to wear for certain activities like traveling, playing sports, working a dirty job with your hands, etc., etc., etc. 

So, what metals are most durable and won’t get in the way of the rigors of day to day life? Titanium, tungsten, cobalt chrome, and black zirconium are some of our most durable options. These rings can take a beating, bro. They’re tough as nails and are designed for a resilient guy like you. Titanium, cobalt chrome, and black zirconium are on the lighter side, but tungsten is one of our heavier metals. 

If you wanna FEEL your ring on your finger, go with tungsten. But take a look at all the various collections and see what you find first—something else may catch your eye from across the room ... err ... page. 

Some dudes are still skeptical about wearing another nice wedding band when they get their hands dirty, even if it’s a durable metal that will hold up. Well, we recommend our silicone rings for those dudes. These rings were designed to be the PERFECT backup wedding bands. Simply put, they can take a beating. They’re not gonna bend or break, no matter what’s thrown their way, and they allow you to accessorize and stylize. Talk about a win-win! 

The Best Man Silicone Wedding Rings

We sell two silicone rings, The Best Man and The Robin, each available for a very reasonable $30. The Best Man is available in black, gunmetal gray, light gray, denim, royal, or red, while The Robin is available in black or gunmetal gray. There’s definitely something for you with all those fresh color options, bro. 

Well there ya have it. That’s why you should own multiple wedding rings. Whether it’s for function or look, men need options, and Manly Bands is here to help. If you have any other questions about our wedding rings or bands, check out the FAQ page or contact us directly. Peace!

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