How to Match Your Loud Personality with a Colorful Cerakote Wedding Band

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Solid gold used to be the only option for a man’s wedding band ... but not anymore. It’s 2020, bro. Welcome to the future. If you want to rock a multicolored and vibrant wedding band, go right ahead. We actually encourage that expression, here at Manly Bands, as your wedding ring could serve as a window into your personality ... it’s a chance to stunt on everybody and show off a little bit!

Our cerakote wedding bands are one of these newer popular and all-around badass styles. These rings pop, bro. Not only do they look great, but they feel great on your finger! If you want a ring to match your loud personality, go with cerakote. Let’s learn a little more, shall we? 

The Chameleon Damascus Steel Wedding Ring
The Chameleon Damascus Steel Wedding Ring

What Is Cerakote?

You might be wondering “Hmm ... cerakote ... wonder if that’s like ceramics?” If you are, good job, bro. Way to use those critical thinking skills, we knew you were a smart one. Anyways, cerakote is actually a ceramic-based finish and coating applied to various metals, plastics, woods, and polymers. It is primarily used on super tough stuff like exhaust and engine parts, firearms, and knives, but it’s popularity recently made its way into the jewelry industry. This isn’t without accident, dude. Cerakote durability is second to none. 

That’s the main reason why cerakote is gaining steam in the wedding band world. It can take the heat and withstand temperatures up to 250 °F, and it has a 9h hardness rating, which is the highest possible rating for a colored coating. It can also withstand 160 in-lbs of impact without chipping or cracking. We mean, you don’t have to be a chemist to know those are some insane numbers. These rings are durable and will last a looooong time, bro. 

Durability isn’t the only reason we love cerakote rings. If we may say so ourselves, they are stunningly gorgeous. The color is what makes cerakote unique, as there are over 90 (NINETY!) different options. It gives the wearer complete control over their look, as they can choose any color scheme they want! 

Since cerakote is a coating, we pair it with one of our other awesome metals, and you can even have a sleeve, inlay, or band design that gives it a very unique look. Simply put, cerakote rings are fire. No, like, they are actually fire. “Cera” is a girl’s name of Latin origin that means fire!

Now that you’re sold on a cerakote ring, we have to find the right one for you ... since cerakote wedding bands are so tough and colorful, they’re a perfect way to express your personality on your finger. Fortunately, we sell some awesome cerakote men’s wedding rings with all different types of metals, here at Manly Bands!

Black Zirconium and Cerakote

Black Zirconium and Cerakote

First up, we have black zirconium. Why are these rings so great? Glad you asked, dude. They’re fairly strong and durable, so they won’t crack and can take some extra wear and tear. Since they’re hypoallergenic, they’re perfect for those dudes with sensitive skin or nickel allergies. They won’t cause any breakouts or rashes or any of that bad stuff. 

These wedding bands are awesome enough as is, but a black zirconium band coated in cerakote really pops! The sleek charcoal gray look is already a nice change of pace from traditional lighter-colored wedding bands, but you can make it even better by adding some more color with a cerakote sleeve! 

We have many different black zirconium cerakote rings, so we can definitely match your loud personality to one. Most of them have cerakote sleeves, and there is basically any color available on the rainbow available. Red, gray, orange, blue, purple, green—you name it, we have it. The Fire Chief even has a matching red cerakote inlay if you want a little more color on the outside. If you consider yourself a dark and mysterious guy who still likes to show their true colors when they choose, a black zirconium cerakote ring is the perfect match for you! 

Are you a passionate fan of America’s pastime? If baseball is engraved into your personality, it should be engraved in your wedding band too! Two of our rings are The Slugger and The Mantle, which both feature black zirconium rings with a cerakote baseball engraving. The Slugger’s engraving is orange while The Mantle’s engraving is blue. If your personality is as loud as the crack of the bat or home team cheering, one of these rings is perfect for you!

Cobalt Chrome and Cerakote

Cobalt Chrome and Cerakote

Cobalt chrome is another material that pairs perfectly with cerakote. These bands are a mix of two periodic elements called cobalt and chromium. It’s okay if you didn’t know that, bro. We haven’t exactly retained much information from high school chemistry class either. 

Cobalt chrome is a newer wedding ring material, but it’s already establishing itself as a mainstay. Its lighter platinum color gives it a blinding shine that not many rings can match. It offers tons of benefits for wearers. It’s also hypoallergenic, durable, and versatile. You can pair it with other inlays and materials like a cerakote coating!

We have three rings that combine cerakote and cobalt chrome. The Northstar has blue cerakote accented grooves that give it a very unique, almost topographic-esque, pattern. The Iron Horse is like a silver version of the aforementioned Mantle and Slugger, except it features a cobalt chrome band and red baseball cerakote engraving. 

Finally, The Warrior uses a Damascus steel inlay with black cerakote in the grooves to create an almost zebra-stripe pattern. If you consider yourself a polished and slick dude, you need a cobalt chrome cerakote wedding ring to match. You’ll feel like a knight in shining armor with one of these bad boys wrapped around your finger. 

Titanium and Cerakote

Titanium and Cerakote

If you’ve visited our site and read our blog before, you know we love titanium wedding bands. If this is your first time visiting, well, now you know that we love titanium wedding bands. And it’s easy to see why. They’re one of the toughest metals out there, so your ring won’t scratch, bend, or break. In fact, sometimes it can be too tough ... you’d need special tools to cut it off in the event of an emergency. Even though it’s tough as nails, it’s one of the lighter metals out there. You’ll have no idea that it’s on your finger!

So, if titanium is one of the toughest metals and cerakote is known for its durability ... what happens when you combine them???? It’s gotta be like the toughest and strongest wedding band ever, right? Basically. 

The Franklin Titanium Wedding Ring
The Franklin Titanium Wedding Ring

We have two titanium and cerakote rings. The first is The Franklin, which utilizes a Padauk wood inlay and opaque black cerakote stripes. The black, silver, and brown segments look so fresh and so clean, don’t they, bro? Our other titanium and cerakote ring is The Legend. Named after you and your prowess on the diamond growing up, it also has a baseball engraving with dark gray cerakote. 

So, what kind of personality pairs well with a titanium and cerakote wedding band? Well, since they’re two of the toughest materials we offer, they’re perfect for a tough guy with a strong will and attitude like you. You’ve never buckled in the face of adversity and will not shy away from a challenge, and you need a wedding band to match. Whether you’re an adrenaline junkie flying a kite with a key tied to it in a thunderstorm or a mountaineer headed to the top of Everest, this ring is the one for you.

Damascus Steel and Cerakote

Damascus Steel and Cerakote

Last, but definitely not least, we come to Damascus steel and cerakote wedding bands. Damascus steel was originally a material used to make swords, knives, and daggers many moons ago. Unfortunately, the exact way to make Damascus steel has been lost in translation over the centuries. Fortunately, some science bros recently figured out how to replicate it, and they did a pretty dang-good job.

The old Damascus steel weapons were known for their durability, sleek look, and a unique “flowing water” pattern, and the wedding bands are no different. Anything strong enough to be a freakin’ weapon is strong enough to be on your finger! These wedding bands won’t break or crack, so they can handle anything thrown their way. These rings are already tough before adding a cerakote coating, which puts them over the top. 

We pair Damascus steel and cerakote in a few different ways. The first is through a coating. This is more similar to that “flowing water” pattern, as the color blends perfectly with the silver to create a mesmerizing pattern of color and silver. 

For example, The Washington uses a blue cerakote coating against the silver background while The Mandarin uses an orange coating. We’ve got The Farrokh for those who want a white coating, The Daredevil for dark red, and The Chameleon for the bright green (unfortunately, this ring can’t change to match your surroundings). These rings are colorful and loud, so they’re perfect for the energetic and radiant dude. 

We also offer Damascus steel bands with cerakote sleeves. They still have that flowing water pattern on the outside, but it’s predominantly silver instead of multicolored. These bands are tamer than the colorful ones, so they’re great for a more reserved dude. Maybe you’d like to keep your true colors a little more secret and only show them when you want. If that’s the case, these rings are for you. 

We believe it was former President Theodore Roosevelt who once said “Speak softly but wear a Damascus steel wedding ring with a colorful sleeve.” He was definitely talking about one of these rings. Sleeves are available in royal blue, dark blue, silver, and green colors, so there’s definitely something for you, bro.  

Oh, and one more thing about our cerakote rings. Most of them come with free engraving, so you can REALLY make your ring match your loud personality. Common engravings include dates, coordinates, fingerprints, city skylines, trees, and  handwritten or typed messages. Engraving your wedding band makes it look cooler and really adds to the already high sentimental value. 

The Manly Birch Ring Box

Well, there ya have it. This handy dandy guide is gonna help you find the perfect cerakote ring to match your personality. When you order your beautiful ring, make sure you get our birch box so you have somewhere to keep it safe when it’s not on your finger. If you have any questions about our cerakote wedding bands or anything else, really, check the FAQ page or hit us up directly!

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