Why We Love Tungsten Wedding Rings

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The Ibex Tungsten Wedding Ring

Real men know they want what’s best for them. Rather than settling on the bottom shelf, you want top-shelf liquor when you need to truly relax; you could settle on a cheap tool for the immediate time, but you need a tool that will last until the end of time, able to handle any task. The best is the only option, and this approach should be no different when searching for a wedding ring. This is why we love Tungsten Wedding Rings.

Enter tungsten wedding rings. It might not be your first thought, as gold and silver tend to be the most sought-after jewelry, but tungsten should be the choice for any hardworking, lumberjack dude. The strongest metal on earth, tungsten is prepared to stand up to whatever you throw at it, meaning it won’t get damaged while you work in the shop, on the farm, or at the gym. Here are just a few reasons we consider it one of our manliest rings. 

The Perfect Look

If you’ve been looking for an edgy or manly wedding ring, tungsten is the right metal for you. Compared to the classic looks of gold, platinum, and silver, tungsten wedding rings add some spice to your look. The intermixing colors of white, gray, and black produce a look similar to gunmetal, providing you with a unique look that maintains that traditional shine. 

The Ring that Never Tarnishes or Scratches

Tungsten got its “Strongest Metal on Earth” title for a reason. Its badass strength and durability go unmatched when compared to any other metal. This hardness works in its favor when being used as a wedding ring, as its non-malleable, scratch-resistant qualities mean you’ll have a ring that will stand the test of time. Best of all, its hardened characteristics mean you’ll have a ring that won’t fade over the years, holding onto its natural luster with occasional cleansing and polishing. 


Compared to 24K gold and precious metal jewelry, tungsten is a relatively affordable metal among the alternative metals market. Our tungsten wedding bands run as low as $135, only getting expensive based on the inlay you decide to have set in your ring. Compared to gold and platinum bands, you’ll save hundreds to thousands of dollars, protecting your bank account while having a wedding ring that will last a lifetime of hard work and fun. 

 The Baller Tungsten Wedding Ring

The Baller Tungsten Wedding Ring

A Ring You’ll Never Forget 

While some people might dislike heavy rings, this can be a total win for some men—particularly those who like wearing jewelry they can feel. A tungsten wedding ring is just that, as its density makes for a heavyweight ring you’re sure to feel. Again, whether you like this comes down to personal preference: One man might prefer having a piece of jewelry that is noticeable and substantial while someone else might find it too heavy for their finger. Whatever you prefer!


While tungsten is not an entirely hypoallergenic metal, say, like sterling silver or titanium, it is not likely to trigger an allergic reaction to sensitive skin. The common rule is that if gold doesn’t affect your skin, you should be fine wearing a tungsten wedding band. 

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But How Does It Differ from Titanium?

If you’ve been confused while reading this, it’s understandable. Tungsten and titanium sound somewhat similar, and they are metals that are sometimes confused. The truth is that, in the tungsten vs. titanium battle, there aren’t too many differences; most differences come down to tungsten being a harder metal, thus making it more durable and scratch-resistant. With both being affordable metals, it’s really up to how strong you need your wedding ring to be.

 The Buck Titanium Wedding Ring

The Buck Titanium Wedding Ring

Discover Even More Manly Wedding Rings

Here at Manly Bands, we’re committed to providing men with the best wedding bands available. No man should ever have to shop for lesser quality, even if they’re shopping on a budget, and that’s why we’ve put our blood (not really) and sweat into every ring produced. Interested in a titanium wedding ring? Check out our available stock and find the wedding ring that works for you.

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