When and Why You Should Upgrade a Wedding Ring

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Buying a wedding ring is a journey. There are so many men’s wedding band materials to choose from, and so many different styles and additions to consider. But you don’t have to be as committed to your wedding ring as you are to your marriage. 

We don’t mean slipping it off when at the bar. We mean switching it out for an upgrade. 

But why would you even want to upgrade your wedding ring? Better yet, when would you upgrade your wedding ring? 

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There are a number of situations where you and your spouse can decide to upgrade your wedding bands. These can be serious life events or the two of you hitting a special anniversary. But it could be as insignificant as just wanting a new ring. 

Who doesn’t love new jewelry to show off to friends and family? And, let’s be honest: Our style tastes change with time—you’re not wearing JNCO jeans anymore. Twenty years down the road you might want a new ring on your finger. Make the purchase special. Get one you feel proud to wear and show off.  

Here are a few different reasons why you should upgrade a wedding ring:

After a Life-Changing Event

First and foremost, a new ring might be needed after a life-changing event. Think of events that would affect you, your spouse, and your relationship. These can include the loss of a notable family member, years of financial struggle, the loss of a child, or a serious health event. 

The two of you went through the process together, coming out the other side as better people and a stronger couple. That should be celebrated from the rooftops. A new ring allows the two of you to do just that. 

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To Mark a Special Anniversary

Certain anniversaries are pretty exceptional, whether it is your 20th, 25th, 30th, or higher. Spend over two decades with a significant other is wild when you think about it. So why not celebrate it in fashion? 

It’s common for couples to share specific gifts based on the marriage anniversary tradition. You could get a new ring related to that tradition, whether it’s the year of gold, diamond, ruby, or emerald, or you could choose a ring based on what reminds you of your love. 

If You Renew Your Vows

Even if you haven’t been through a serious life event, it’s a testament to your love that you’ve spent so many years together. That commitment requires celebration. For some couples, that means renewing their vows. 

Couples’ wedding bands can be the perfect rings for spouses looking to renew their vows to one another. The shared style is just another testament to how serious you are about one another. 

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You Simply Want an Upgrade

Let’s be honest: We grow tired of old fashions. We all try to play the practical dude, but we lose interest in clothes we’ve had forever. You might feel the same about your ring, and that’s okay. If you want to upgrade your wedding ring, go ahead and do it!

What Would You Want to Upgrade? 

  • A change in color and style
  • Your upgrade could be as simple as changing your wedding band material. That could be going from gold to rose gold, cobalt chrome, carbon fiber, tungsten, or dinosaur bone.  Whatever your heart desires! 

  • Some diamond accents
  • A little flair goes a long way. If you don’t feel like having your ring worked on by a jeweler, you can start fresh and get a ring with diamond accents or a brand new inlay to make it all that more unique. 

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    A time may come where you grow apart from your wedding ring. Don’t be worried if it happens. It has nothing to do with your marriage; you’re just in need of a ring upgrade. Check out our best-selling rings to find what most catches your attention. 

    Haven’t found what you’re looking for? Don’t call up Bono and U2. Instead, design your own custom wedding ring so you can upgrade to the exact wedding band of your dreams. 

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