25 Unique and Meaningful Wedding Proposal Ideas

You’ve found the one. You know it. You’re convinced. Here’s the issue: You’ve got so many ideas that the room is spinning, and you need some direction. Alternatively, you’ve got a dollar and a dream but zero ideas. We can work with both!

Before you do anything, figure out what size ring you need to buy. This ring sizing chart should help with the anxiety of trying to get it right. You can resize rings to some degree, so don’t worry too much. Of course, it does help to get it right the first try, so double-check that chart!

When it comes to rings, classic and repeatable is totally fine. Classic silver and gold wedding rings are never the wrong choice. When it comes to proposals, err on the side of the unique. Whatever you do, don’t say you got your unique proposal idea from an internet list of “unique and meaningful wedding proposal ideas.” We’ll let that be our little secret.

We’ll break this down for you into sections your spinning brain can digest easily. Hey, proposals are nerve-racking – a little brain spinning is normal.

Adventure and Outdoor

Are you a couple who prefers tents to movie theaters? A good hike to a (bar) crawl? If you’re at home in nature, these proposals will delight your inner adventurer. 

End of a Hike

Now, what kind of hike you go on depends on your feelings about Type 2 fun, but we’ll let you be the judge of that. Unless you’re really hardcore, err on the side of easy so you don’t look dead come proposal time. Bonus points if you do the hike ahead of time (or have someone help) and stage a picnic. Stash a photographer in the trees ahead of time. Trust me. 

On the Slopes

Great for the ski and snowboard lovers! Disclaimer: Don’t propose while in motion. Maybe the bottom of a run? Maybe right after you get off the lift? If you can have a sign (or maybe write it in the snow if the wind allows) waiting at the top, so much the better. This is another that benefits from help.

Take a Bike Ride

It’s hard to lose a ring in those skin-tight spandex onesies anyway (or so we assume). Take a sunset bike ride to a scenic overlook and pop the question. As with all outdoor proposals, make sure you have a way to keep the ring (and box) sweat-free.

scenic trail wedding proposal idea

Scenic Walking Trail

Even easier if you happen to be in the Northeast for fall. Wherever you are, find a scenic walking trail near you and enjoy the fresh air. At the end, plop yourself down on a knee and ask away. 

The best thing about outdoor proposals is that they’re super interchangeable. Maybe you prefer trail running, beach walking or sunrise goat yoga (no, seriously, it’s an option). Whatever you like, take these basic ideas and make them your own! Goats aren’t required, nor really recommended, though. 

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Arts and Culture

Music, paintings, food. Whatever form your favorite art takes, embrace it in your proposal. Except for the Arctic Monkeys. Just not sold on them. Unsure why. That’s not the point.


This is a great one for the artistically inclined. There’s a ton of customizability to it, too! Go classic and throw it on a timer, take the ring out and capture the reaction in real time. Maybe you take a few photos, and on the last one, have a family member pop out in the background with a “Marry me?” sign. Once you go to the camera to see how the pictures turned out, get down on one for the last photo. You get where I’m going with this. You can’t go wrong here.

Propose with Food

Who’s going to say “no” after a three-course meal? You’ll probably want to make sure your partner is really into it afterward and not just mesmerized by the foie gras but use your best judgment. You can find companies that specifically send out personal chefs to cook multi-course proposal meals. Might not be cheap, but you do get an incredible meal out of it as well.

Scrapbook It

Not just for your Midwestern grandmother anymore! Print out the pictures and get out the old crazy glue from your childhood. Probably good form to throw in a “Will you marry me?” at the end. If you’re woefully craft-challenged, you can have an artist or company create a custom book for you.

propose with food

Custom Record

If you’ve ever uttered the words, “it just sounds better on vinyl, bro,” this is for you. You’re not wrong. We entirely agree. It’s a better sound. You still sound insufferable, though. I’m sorry – someone had to say it.

Head to Etsy or wherever fine custom records are sold. Slap a few tracks on there that have special meaning and leave that last track for a custom audio message you’ll add to propose. Bonus points if you title it “Love Track” by the B-52s. I’ll see myself out now.

Puzzle Over It

See what we did there? Whatever. Anyway, custom puzzles are always fun. There are plenty of places to get them done, and it’s like a scavenger hunt of a proposal. Maybe don’t go for the 1,000-piece option (unless you’re king puzzler; in which case, go wild).

Put It in a Crossword

Call in that favor you’ve had hanging over Will Shortz for the last decade (yeah, we know about that). Seriously though, if your fiancé-to-be is a fan of the crossword (they’re cool, okay?), then see if you can get it in as a clue. A local one might be easier to weasel your way into. If nothing else, go custom.

Employ an Artist

Got an artist friend who swears he’s going to get a residency gig any day now? Help him out and hire him to do a custom proposal piece. Maybe paint the scene of your first date. Maybe he’s a caricature guy. Caricature away and throw a “marry me” speech bubble in there. Either way, a tangible piece of the proposal to have on your wall for years to come is hella romantic.

flowers with cake message marry me

Go Custom Baked

Go custom at a bakery you both love. Put the custom proposal cake in the window and “happen to walk by it.” This works with any baked good, even one ordered from the counter (if the owner is in on it, obviously). However, the larger the surface area, the easier it will be. We don’t recommend trying this with a donut hole unless it comes with a magnifying glass.

Flash Mob

We might be stretching the definition of arts and culture here, but flash mobs have their place. Get some local actors. They’re probably looking for work anyway. Get a mob, some basic choreography and a song that’s meaningful to you two and go to work. May we recommend some Third Eye Blind?


Not always the sexiest of topics, tech can still make its way into your proposal. Here’s a free business idea: ProposalCoin. It’s an altcoin you send to your fiancé-to-be. Develop away, nerds.

build a website engagement idea

Build a Website

This might not be for everyone, but coders may love it. Create a website that declares your love and offers up the proposal. Send the link to your intended or make a game out of finding the link. However you do it, ideally, you’ll be in the same room. Yeah, it’s the modern era, but we don’t recommend proposing over Zoom if you can avoid it. Having friends and family call in and witness the event, though, is a nice touch.

Song or Podcast

Not into custom vinyl? Works just the same as an mp3. Create a song or a podcast, record yourself and put that sweet, sweet love proclamation on a streaming service. As a bonus, you might get a tenth of a cent in revenue – so, hello, honeymoon fund.

Update Your Status

Update your social media status as “engaged” and show your (hopefully) fiancé. This is also a very modern era option, but definitely a unique choice. That being said, you better be 100 percent sure you’re going to get a “yes” because…awkward if not.


Not everyone gets to love their job, but some of us are lucky enough to. If you’re dating someone to whom that applies, maybe work is a perfect proposal environment. Of all the places one might be expecting a marriage proposal, work isn’t high on the list – points for a surprise!

Change the Background

Get in early to your partner’s work. Change the background on their work computer to a picture of you with a “Marry me?” sign. Any iteration of this will work, as long as you’re nearby waiting to ask the question in person.

man proposing in office

A Meeting You Don’t Hate

You ever have work meetings scheduled for 4 p.m. on a Friday? Some people like to watch the world burn. Today, that person is you. Enlist the help of some coworkers and get yourself covertly on the schedule. Once your partner shows up for this awful meet, you’ll be waiting with a much better surprise. Ask there or whisk your partner away for a romantic evening followed by a proposal. Both work! No pun intended. Small amount of pun intended.

New Sign

This one is pretty niche but could be cool if applicable. If your partner has their name on a parking space, plaque, name plate, name tag, etc., get a hold of it. Edit it to say Mr./Mrs. whatever your last name is. Bonus points if you swap the name tag out for a custom one instead of throwing a post-it note on there (but hey, that’ll work).


Destination weddings? Bad. Destination proposals? Good. Really easy to remember. If you’ve been bitten by the travel bug, take your proposal over state lines, overseas or wherever your imagination takes you.

Flight Attendant for a Day

This is gonna take some planning, but so worth it. If you can convince someone on the cabin crew to let you use the PA system for your proposal, that’s romantic as hell. Get on up there and propose away for everyone in that metal sky bird to hear. You might have more sway if you have status on the airline. Swing for first class if it’s in the budget. They’ll probably throw you some complimentary champagne. 

Take a Tour

Whether it’s a Vespa tour of Rome or a walking tour of a small New England fishing town, there’s something romantic about exploring a new city sans automobile. Whether you’ll just find the spot on the way (The type A’s are cringing) or you’ve got something planned out ahead (exhale, type A’s), there are lots of ways to make this both meaningful and memorable. 

go to the beach engagement

Go to the Beach

Whether it’s the sands of Waikiki or San Diego, a beach is always romantic. Get up early and write your proposal in the sand if you’ve got a private beach in the budget. If you don’t have the extra cash, you can still write it on the beach, but go earlier before crowds accidentally turn your proposal into “Will you mar me?” Quite a different meaning.


Just because the holidays are a classic time to propose doesn’t mean you can’t make them meaningful. Quite the contrary. With family gathered, you’ve got a deep bench of stars and role players to pick from. 

Get the Family Involved

Get the whole family together under the guise of a holiday photoshoot (though this works better on Christmas than Presidents’ Day). Maybe throw some spare cousins in the back row to hold up “Will you marry me?” signs. Once your partner goes to look at the picture – boom, proposal. 

Alternatively, go for a nice morning stroll to a predetermined location where the family is waiting. The same spare cousins are more than welcome to hold the sign.

Write It Out

Just like the beach, but with snow. Obviously, the wind (and snow quality) are factors here, but you might get a sweet snow proposal if your cards come correct. Christmas lights are a great way to go, too, especially if you don’t get snow. Bonus points if you propose somewhere with great winter scenery. 

man proposing to woman on ice skates

Give a Gift

How about a present proposal? Open the box and find the ring? The sky’s the limit for present creativity. If your fiancé-to-be has a sense of humor, the classic “open a box to reveal a smaller box” is a bit that always gets a laugh. Want to learn a lot about your fiancé before proposing? Hand them a box with eight smaller boxes and see if they descend into madness or enjoy themselves. 

Here's where we insert a cheesy “it’s the thought that counts” line about proposals. Yes, it is the thought that counts. What you propose is more important than how you do it. That being said, a sweet ass proposal is something to cherish, so knock that guy out of the park!


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