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6 Key Features to Look For in Men’s Wedding Rings

6 Key Features to Look For in Men’s Wedding Rings

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Finding the right wedding ring is no small feat. It’s already difficult enough to find one for your fianceé, and trying to find one for yourself can be as difficult. I mean, does any guy know what he really wants? But don’t worry. We’ve got you covered. Finding the right ring for you doesn’t have to be complicated. In reality, it’s as simple as knowing the basics and determining what you imagine your ring looking like. Here are some key tips on shopping for men’s wedding bands

1. Price 

Weddings are, most of all, about budgeting. The cost of getting married is steep and you probably don’t want to spend any more than you already are. So, you’ll need to consider how much you want to spend on your wedding ring. The average price can range from $200 up to several thousands. You can always go cheaper if you want, as our silicone rings run for only $30. That’s frugal AND stylish!

2. Width

Not all rings are built the same. You might know that they come in different ring sizes, but rings come in different widths, too. For all you know, you might find that you like a thinner band. Consider visiting a local jeweler to see what the widths look like, as well as learn how they’ll feel on your finger. One of your friends has probably told you it’s smarter to take a “test drive” before purchasing the car. 

3. Shape and Profile 

Not all rings are perfectly circular. Rings are produced in numerous shapes, but the two most common ones tend to be domed versus flat shape. Domed rings tend to have a D shape, where they will have a curved, classic profile that rises off the finger with a flat end. D-shape rings tend to be thicker, the best fit for men with thick fingers (large ring sizes). 

On the other side, there are flat rings. Flat rings are a modern alternative to the classic D shape. Flat rings tend to be designed for more of a comfortable fit, looking sleek and fitting on the finger with ease. But they aren’t the only options available on the market. While they tend to be the most popular shapes, there are variations that will contain permutations of their characteristics. 

4. Quality and Upkeep

Are you forgetful? The kind of guy who forgets to frequently clean his toilet and shower? The guy who barely washes his bedsheets? The guy who doesn’t mind if his car is dirty? Well, if you’re not one for upkeep, it’s in your best interest to get a ring that won’t tarnish. These include stainless steel rings, tungsten rings, titanium wedding bands, ceramic rings, and silicone rings. These rings can be highly durable, but, most importantly, they are relatively scratch-resistant and resistant to corrosion. 

The Elk Tungsten Ring

If your place is tidier than your fianceé’s, you could consider getting a ring made of gold, carbon fiber, diamond, or wood. The different materials will require specific methods of cleaning and polish. Regular upkeep for these rings is essential to maintaining their natural beauty and sheen. 

You shouldn’t put a wet drink on a coffee table without a coaster. Don’t submit a wooden ring to the same treatment. And never abuse a gold ring, no matter the price tag. 

5. Consider Your Lifestyle 

Your lifestyle will dictate the type of ring you’ll end up wearing. If you’re a rough and tumble guy, someone who works with their hands day in and day out, you’ll want to get the toughest ring around. That includes silicone rings, Damascus steel wedding bands, carbon fiber bands, black zirconium, and more. If you’re a guy who works in the office but does yard work, woodworking, and other manual labor on the side, you can opt for a more traditional ring that can be taken off as need be. This includes men’s gold wedding rings, rose gold bands, or dinosaur bone rings

Woah, woah, woah. Hold up. Holy sh*t. DINOSAUR BONE?!

Yup, you heard right. No need to rub your eyes—this is no mirage. If you’re looking for something truly spectacular, we offer dinosaur bone rings and even meteorite wedding bands. It’s like carrying a piece of prehistoric history with you everywhere you go.  

The Jurassic Dinosaur Bone Ring

6. Finding Your Style 

Step outside of your comfort zone! Even if you know what you’re looking for, it’s best for you to look beyond your personal preferences. This means stepping outside of your comfort zone. Maybe your mom had to force you to eat your fruits and veggies as a kid. And, wouldn’t you know it, you found some that you truly loved you never would have thought of. Think in the same way here. Look for the things you enjoy, but don’t draw your boundary there. Explore into the unknown. You might find your diamond in the rough.

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Unsure what ring is right for you? Start by researching what we have available, from our featured ring collections to shopping by wedding band material. And, if you haven’t found it just yet, consider creating your own wedding ring. There are many different wedding rings out there. The perfect one for you is just waiting to be discovered.