Who Pays for the Bachelor Party?

Before he ties the knot, every guy wants to kick it with his dudes a final time. Depending on the groom-to-be, that might be a days-long fishing getaway in Idaho or a borderline debauched night in Vegas a la The Hangover

But whether you’re talking chill or crazy, the bachelor party is gonna come with a tab. Who should pick it up? That’s what we’re here to discuss. So whether you’re about to be feted or you’re among those doing the feting for your boy, we’re about to dive in for a thorough examination on the etiquette of who should spring for the fling. 

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Be Mindful of Your Bros’ Financial Situations

If you’re the future groom, keep in mind all you’re asking of those kicking it with you for the celebration. Whether your bachelor party is going to be attended by groomsmen or fellas who fall just outside that special circle, it stands to reason that, barring some unforeseen obstacle, all the dudes at your bachelor party are gonna be at your wedding, too. 

Are they gonna be traveling vast distances to get there, taking time off work, dropping cash on suit rentals and wedding gifts? Try not to turn your bachelor party and subsequent wedding into a financial burden for friends who may not have a lot of expendable cash. 

man showing empty pockets

Likewise, if you’re one of the dudes planning the party for your boy, keep his situation in mind. Weddings aren’t cheap. They can drop financial stress on couples from the jump. So if you and your fellow party planners have the means and your dude can use it, pool that cash and make sure none of his bucks are falling from the ceiling when you make it rain. 

If You’re the Groom and Have the Bucks, Spread ’em Around

This is an expansion on the point above, but weddings ask a lot of attendees. So if you happen to be a groom-to-be with deep pockets, maybe you should do your best to ease the burden on your mates. If you’re meeting up at some destination spot, spring for the cabin or the hotel rooms. 

You don’t need to make a big show of it, and you don’t need to insist on paying for absolutely everything. After all, your dudes will want to treat you to plenty. But if you’ve got it, go ahead and spread it around to make the trip a little less financially painful for your dudes. 

When Your Dudes Insist on Paying for EVERYTHING

This might be a little more common for grooms-to-be who are settling down later, but sometimes the dudes putting the party together explicitly forbid the man of honor from paying a red cent for anything. If that’s the case for you, future groom, find a way to do something special for your honorees. 

Can’t think what to get? Well, you know we have some recommendations. Hook those dudes up with a genuine leather flask or koozie. Every time they set eyes on your gift for the foreseeable future, their minds will flash to the craziness of your party. 

three men holding groom letters

There you have it, gentlemen. Take everyone into consideration and make sure the party goes down without putting anyone out.

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