How to Guess a Man’s Ring Size and Other Tips to Get His Ring Size Without Him Knowing

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You’ve found the one, and you have questions. What’s his ring size? How many groomsmen does he want? Did we loosely base the title of this post on Dr. Strangelove? Well, maybe the last one wasn’t on your mind, but it sure is now. Either way, if you need to know how to guess a man’s ring size, we’ve got a few tricks you should know about.

If you didn’t watch that one episode of Cyberchase For Real, you might not be up to date on body measurement hacks. No worries — we’re here to help. Let’s assume he doesn’t wear a ring you can covertly steal. If he does, stop reading and start looking at classic men’s wedding bands already!

Ask a Friend or Family Member

The simplest option is to find a family member or friend in the know. Now, dudes aren’t always shouting their wedding ring size to the world (sure would simplify this, though), so you may not have this as an option. If you do, you’re set. Maybe they can figure that information out sneakily? That, though, is really up to your judgment of their CIA potential. 

the manly band ring sizer

Use the Manly Bands Ring Sizer for Best Results

Start from Average

It’s not perfect, but it’s definitely a good start. The average men’s ring size is a 9. If your guy is about average size, then a 9 is a good guess. If he’s a bit above or below, you may be able to adjust accordingly. If he’s pretty far from average, though, your margin of error may increase. If you’re one of those carnival “guess your height and weight” types though, feel free to give it a shot.

Have a Friend Covertly Get the Size

There are no perfect options for guessing ring sizes, but this may be your best option. If you have a good friend who’s willing to go ring shopping for “herself,” maybe she can get your fella to try on a ring or two and grab the size that way.  

Get It While He’s Sleeping

High risk, high reward? Don’t look at us like that. Desperate times call for desperate measures. We don’t condone breaking and entering, so only do this one if you have a key and permission. Okay, now we’re covered legally. Get a cheap ring or use a ring sizer you think is his size (maybe a few) and covertly try them out. If your guy is a heavy sleeper, this isn’t a terrible option (but please still save it for last). If your guy sleeps more like a newborn puppy than a log, maybe skip this one. 

What Doesn’t Work

The Shoe Trick

Yes, we’re sad, too. The shoe trick and all other mathematical formulas involved with it are bogus. Sorry, friend. No amount of trigonometry based on shoe size is going to help you here.


It isn’t the most accurate option. It won’t be too far off, but it really just isn’t your best choice. Plus, there’s no sly way to put string around someone’s finger. If you’re giving up the element of surprise, go with a ring sizer.

Other Considerations

Which Ring Is the One?

Yes, size is key. Style isn’t too far behind, though. Is your man more like Ron Swanson or Yo-Yo Ma? Is he on the cutting edge of trends or does he lean simple and classic? Whatever he likes, there’s a ring for it!

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the king arthur wedding band

The King Arthur

Adjust as Necessary

Look, as long as you’re close, you can get the ring resized or have it exchanged, depending on the material.. Now, you can’t really change more than a two-size difference, but that’s still plenty of room for error. Don’t think too much about it if you can’t get the exact size. As cliché as it is, this really is a “thought that counts” situation.

We love a good surprise as much as anyone. However, it can feel like the stakes here are more Ocean’s 11 than, well, Ocean’s 12. Seriously, it feels like that movie was a walk in the park relative to its predecessor. Just us? Oh well. The point is, as exciting as this surprise will be, it’s also super stressful. Take your time, do your wizard math and make your best guess.

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