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Testing Your Metal: The Pros and Cons of Tungsten

Testing Your Metal: The Pros and Cons of Tungsten

Back for another round, eh? Glad to see you! It means we are doing our job here, educating and entertaining at the same time. Helping you decide which wedding band material is the right match for you is our honor, and our privilege, and not one we want to fake our way through.

Speaking of the word "fake," some would consider a wedding band made of something other than metal to be a fake ring. They think only shiny gold or silver (or Titanium, or Damascus Steel) are fitting materials to wear on your manly digit.

Well, we're here to call "Bull-Puckey" on all that noise. Tungsten (or Tungsten Carbide if you're one of them brainy types) is a worthy and functional option for your wedding band selection. So let's dive right into another round of "Test Your Metal."

Comfort: Lightweight vs. Hefty

Tungsten is the poster child for the "substantial" wedding band option. It has some heft to it, more than most of those lightweight "precious metals" offer for the same size and shape. You will definitely feel the ring on your hand and take comfort from knowing you have something solid representing your eternal love to your future spouse.

But Tungsten's weight isn't without concerns. For the man who needs his hands to have more flexibility, Tungsten may be a bit too far on the heft side of the hefty vs. lightweight spectrum. Perhaps a Titanium band might be better suited in this case. Only you know what your hands need, so "weigh" your options bro...

Style: The Pros & Cons of Tungsten's Versatility

Tungsten's versatility doesn't end with weight though. Tungsten can play nice with a whole host of backup singers and additives. Add a bit of Rose Gold plating, and your Gentleman brings that same "precious metal shine" while still being its own awesome self. Need some wood? See how well The Cowboy blends nature and industrial progress. Or maybe you need a splash of color, which is where the The Model excels, matching brushed Tungsten with a comfort fit blue inlay.

This isn't to say Tungsten needs any friends to be a kick-ass ring. Check out the killer simplicity of the Savant or the Rockstar, and admire how well Tungsten shines on its own accord. Yeah, straight up, or with additions, Tungsten rocks. How's that for versatility?

Durability: The Pros & Cons of Tungsten's Toughness

Let's not forget that Tungsten is also tough and can take a beating. As a natural additive used to make alloys stronger, Tungsten won't just bend and scratch when things get a little hairy. As a matter of fact, Tungsten won't ever bend: If bad things happen at your job and your ring is doomed to be a casualty, you won't wind up with a "pancake" squishing into your skin. Tungsten will crack and break away, keeping your finger safer.

Of course, that isn't always the best thing for a ring to offer. See, that same "crack rather than bend" toughness doesn't fair too well against, say, a hard tile floor. Yeah, not the most manly way to wreck your ring, but it can be a concern. And, since Tungsten is so hard and inflexible, there won't be any resizing should your fingers suddenly decide to put on a few milligrams...

Although, proper use of our Manly Ring Sizer can help you avoid any mishaps... Not to mention our "No Hassle" 1 year warranty, and our 30-day "No Questions Asked" Return Policy. Should the waste matter strike the air-circulation device, we have your back bro. #JustSayin'.

Price Point: Pros & Cons of Tungsten's Cost

There is some good news: If you suddenly find yourself with a ring that has cracked, or one that is now too loose/tight on your finger, Tungsten won't break your budget.

See, Tungsten costs a bit less than a lot of those other precious metals, and even when combined with any additional production costs associated with just how snazzy you need your ring to be, Tungsten's still an affordable option.

This is one ring that you may need to replace, rather than resize or repair. Thankfully with Tungsten, you won't need to take out a second mortgage to do so. Call it the silver lining in one of Tungsten's few dark clouds.

And there you have it. Tungsten can do almost anything any metal ring can do, and do it well. Yes, you do need to keep a special eye out for hazards to your unique ring, but aren't there so many more perks to this unsung hero of the ring world than there are pitfalls?

I would wager that most of you out there really don't need to be too concerned with breaking your wedding band, so why fret about it? I know I don't; that's why this writer chose Tungsten for his special day. It just fit me the best, and the look and style won me over. So the question for you is: Has Tungsten won you over yet?

See you next time, when we once again "Test Your Metal."