Five Dark & Stormy Black Wedding Rings Perfect for the Most Mysterious Men

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Hey bro, what’s your drink of choice after a long day of work? How does dark rum and ginger beer served over ice and garnished with lime sound? Delicious? We thought so ... seemed to match your aura as an international man of mystery. And, look, it’s no secret a man as cryptic as you needs a black wedding band to match that personality. Well, you’re in the right place! Manly Bands has some badass wedding bands perfect for the most mysterious men!

The Zeppelin

First up is The Zeppelin, and this black-plated tungsten ring offers brawn AND beauty. This ring is part of our Midnight Collection, specifically designed to look sleek and mysterious on your finger. The brushed finish keeps it looking shiny all the time. And that’s not all ... tungsten rings are notoriously durable and heavy, so The Zeppelin won’t bend or scratch no matter what’s thrown at it. Whether you’re shredding the guitar like Page or wailing on the drums like Bonham, The Zeppelin can handle the job and look great while doing so, bro.

The Overlord

We heartily welcome our black wedding ring Overlord. The Overlord combines carbon fiber and tungsten, two of our tough as nails materials, to create one badass ring. The black carbon fiber and silver tungsten contrast perfectly to help the ring pop, bro. It’s the yin and the yang ... this ring is tough, but with a softer edge. If you’re looking for a ring that goes against the grain but isn’t entirely black and still has a bit of light to it, this ring is for you. Like The Zeppelin, this ring is part of our Midnight Collection so it’s perfect for a man with your taste.

The Emperor

Men’s wedding bands have been gold for many moons now, but more and more dudes are opting for different colors. Well, what if you love the traditional look but want to make it look juuuust a little bit more modern and sleek? Then The Emperor is the ring for you, bro.  This wedding band was handcrafted from solid 14K rose gold with a 5mm carbon fiber inlay. Gold is the gold standard (ba dum tss) for a reason, as the shine makes it pop. It’s also super soft and malleable, so it can be molded into many different shapes and even engraved with a customized message!

But we gotta warn you: Since gold is soft, it might not be the best option for someone who works with their hands all day. Gold also might irritate sensitive skin, so, if you have a metal allergy or are prone to rashes, look elsewhere. The Emperor gives you all the benefits of the traditional wedding ring with a touch of mystique.

The Corbett Black Zirconium Wedding Ring

The Corbett Black Zirconium Wedding Ring

The Corbett

What says mysterious like camouflage? Lurking low to the ground, shrouded among the leaves and shrubbery, waiting to pounce when the moment is right. If this sounds like you, go with The Corbett. It is a black zirconium ring with a 5mm inlay of Mossy Oak camouflage, and black zirconium rings are perfect for mysterious men like you. They’re becoming wildly popular and it’s easy to see why ... they’re strong, sleek-looking, and extremely hypoallergenic. They go against the grain. Pair all that with the camo inlay, and it’s game over, bro.

The Jet Stream

Next we come to The Jet Stream. This badass ring is made from carbon fiber, a newer wedding ring material with some awesome benefits. It’s super lightweight and durable, as it has the highest strength-to-weight ratio of any materials. It’s also super easy to maintain and keep clean. Carbon fiber is used to make other everyday materials such as Formula 1 racecars and fighter jets.

If you move through life and its obstacles swiftly with speed and determination, The Jet Stream is the ring for you. Just look at that woven interlocking pattern ... you won’t notice how cool it looks from afar, but up close everybody will be saying “woah.”

night sky with full moon

So there you have it, dude, those are some of our men’s black wedding bands. We’ve got even more available as part of our Midnight Collection, so we’re here to help you match a wedding band with your mysterious personality. In the meantime, keep browsing and check out our FAQ page or hit us up directly for any other questions.

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