Six of Our Favorite Sweat-Proof Wedding Bands for Men

Six of Our Favorite Sweat-Proof Wedding Bands for Men

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What’s your favorite way to stay active? Do you go to the gym and lift weights? Are you an avid runner, always chasing that next high of a 5k or half marathon? Or are you a perennial beer league MVP? No matter your physical activity of choice, you need a wedding band that can take a little sweat. Look no further, as Manly Bands has some awesome sweat-proof men’s wedding bands

The Journeyman Tungsten Wedding Ring

The Journeyman Tungsten Wedding Ring

The Journeyman

First up, The Journeyman. This awesome ring combines a tungsten band with 18K rose gold plates and a deer antler inlay. Tungsten bands are super-heavy and durable, so they’re great if you’re always movin’ heavyweights around to break a sweat. Tungsten simply will not bend or break. It refuses to. Plus, the antler inlay won’t irritate your skin. Certain jewelry materials can irritate the skin when they come in contact with sweat, but not deer antler. The touch of turquoise with the gold plate and tungsten band make this ring POP on your finger.

The Hunter

If you want the look of a deer antler inlay but the tungsten band seems a bit too bulky for your finger, The Hunter is the perfect ring for you. This ring has a titanium band with deer antler and Koa wood inlay. Titanium is one of the lightest materials out there, but it’s still tough as nails. Plus, it’s hypoallergenic, so it won’t irritate your sensitive skin and can be worn by people with nickel allergies. Now THAT’S sweat-proof, bro. Not to mention, the silver looks awesome with the two different inlays. Talk about a color scheme, bro.  

The Drake

Got to loooooooooooooove The Drake! This sleek band is made entirely of Gentleman's Reserve Koa Wood. Sweat won’t get in the way when you’re wearing one of our wooden bands, trust us, bro. We use a water-resistant coating on all of our wooden bands to make them extra durable and impervious to sweat from even the hardest workouts. But, I gotta tell you … they’re water-resistant, not waterproof. They can take sweat from your workout and the occasional hand washing, but try to avoid completely submerging your wood band in water. 

The Eisenhower Cobalt Chrome Wedding Ring

The Eisenhower Cobalt Chrome Wedding Ring

The Eisenhower

If you consider yourself a general on the hardwood or the diamond, The Eisenhower is the perfect wedding band for you. This cobalt chrome band and its whiskey barrel sleeve are as sweat-proof as they come. Cobalt chrome is as light as gold but much harder and durable, so it can take much more of a beating. In fact, cobalt chrome was used to make jet engine turbines and medical components before jewelry. A little sweat is NOTHING compared to that!

The Zeppelin

If you want to go against the grain and get a darker wedding band, go with The Zeppelin. The black-plated tungsten creates a unique look that dances and pops off your finger. The dark color and brushed finish shrouds the wearer in an aura of mystique and will draw the attention of passersby. It doesn’t matter if you’re breaking a sweat while shredding a guitar solo like Jimmy Page or wailing on the drums like the late great John Bonham, The Zeppelin can take it.

Silicone Wedding Bands

Owning multiple wedding bands has become more and more popular these days. Makes sense when you think about it, right, bro? Always helps to have choices or a backup plan. Well, our silicone wedding band is the ultimate backup plan. 

If you want to wear a wedding band while staying active but don’t want it to get damaged by sweat (or anything else, for that matter), throw The Best Man on your finger instead of your main ring. This ring costs only $29.95 and is available in black, gunmetal, light gray, navy, denim, royal, or red. The Best Man is tough as nails and can handle anything thrown its way. Sweat has NOTHING on this ring, bro; trust us. 

Well, bro, those are our favorite sweat-proof wedding bands. You’ll feel good AND look good if you rock one of our awesome rings while breaking a sweat. Need anything else? Head over to the FAQ page or reach out directly.  

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