Wedding Bands for Manly Hands: Styles & Sizes for Burly Guys

Wedding Bands for Manly Hands: Styles & Sizes for Burly Guys

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If you’re a burly man with large hands, it can be a struggle finding a ring that will fit your finger comfortably. But have no fear, because there are styles and sizes of men’s wedding bands that are perfect for those burly beefcakes and, lucky for you, Manly Bands sells them in spades. Let’s learn more about wedding bands for manly hands, shall we, Schwarzenneger? 

Wedding Ring Sizes 

First things first; let’s talk about wedding ring sizes. Men’s ring sizes start at 5 and go up to 17, for those of you with catchers’ mitts for hands, but the average size in the U.S. is around 10. Kinda like shoes, the sizes are measured differently all around the world. Fortunately for you, we’ve assembled this handy-dandy international sizing chart for those of you across the pond.

Again, like shoes, wedding band size is super important. A band that’s too big will be sliding everywhere and can fall off anytime you move or shake your hands. A wedding band that’s too small will cut off circulation and be nearly impossible to get off. No matter if it’s too big or small, it will be super uncomfortable, so make sure you know your size before ordering. 

“How do I find my wedding ring size?” the reader pondered as he swirled around a glass of Cognac. Great question, dude! You can do it one of two ways. One … order our Manly Ring Sizer and size your finger without ever getting off the couch! Oh, and it comes with a 20% discount on a future purchase … prettay prettay prettay good. 

The other way is to hit up your neighborhood jewelry purveyor and get a professional measurement. This is the most accurate way to find your size because they are professionals, after all. No matter which way you go about finding your size, take multiple measurements. Ring size can change based on weight loss or gain, temperature fluctuation, and a bunch of other factors like the time of day.

Standard vs. Comfort Fit

Wedding bands come in two different fits, standard and comfort. Standard fit bands are flat on the inside while comfort fit bands are curved. There isn’t as much metal touching your finger on a comfort fit ring, so they slide off easier than a standard fit. If you know your standard ring size, go down .5 and—boom! There’s your comfort fit size. Math. Fortunately for burly guys, Manly Bands sells mostly comfort fit bands. As long as you order the correct size, it’ll fit great and you won’t have any trouble sliding it on and off!

mans hands fidgeting with wedding ring

Wedding Ring Styles 

Men’s wedding bands used to be exclusively made of gold, but you have a ton of options now, bro. Manly Bands sells rings of all different types of materials that are perfect for burly dudes. 

Let’s start with tungsten wedding rings. You want a ring that’s tough and heavy... say no more. Tungsten is perfect for dudes who want to FEEL their ring on their finger like it’s a stylish five-pound weight. Whether you’re a rockstar shredding his ax on stage or a buff brainiac, we have a tungsten band for you. 

If you’re looking for something a little lighter but still tough as nails, don’t worry because we’ve got you covered. Titanium wedding bands float like butterflies and sting like bees. They’re lightweight, tough, and shiny, so they’re perfect for the athletes who don’t want their fingers bogged down. Wearing a titanium ring feels like that first swing of a baseball bat after you take the weighted donut off. Check out some of our awesome titanium rings like The Showrunner or The Hunter. What’s not to love?

The Aficionado Black Zirconium Wedding Ring

The Aficionado Black Zirconium Wedding Ring

What if silver isn’t your thing and you want your ring to stand out against the silver barbell or fishing rod, not blend in? If you want to go against the grain and get something dark, go with black zirconium. They’re just as tough, but the darker color adds an element of mystique and chic to the wearer. When they see you rockin’ your black zirconium ring, people will wonder “Who’s that dude wreaking havoc on the court?” or say “He’s clearly a connoisseur of high class.” 

Silicone wedding bands were designed for hulking individuals like yourself. They’re SUPER durable and are built to last. They’re also very reasonably priced, so they make awesome backup wedding bands. They’re perfect for dudes who don’t want to wear their main ring to the muscle factory or any other place where it can get damaged. Any other questions about wedding bands built for Ferrigno? Check the FAQ page or holler at us

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