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Manliest Ring of the Month: Why We Love Black Zirconium Wedding Rings

Manliest Ring of the Month: Why We Love Black Zirconium Wedding Rings

Welcome back to yet another lovely edition of our Manliest Ring of the Month spotlight! This month, the recipient is none other than …


black zirconium wedding rings

*uproarious applause followed by a lengthy standing ovation* 

Now that you’re settled down, let’s find out why you need a black zirconium wedding band on your finger like yesterday.

Come to the Dark Side

What’s the first thing you notice when you look at a black zirconium wedding band? That’s right. The color. It seems like most wedding bands and rings are the traditional gold or silver, but not these puppies. They are usually black or charcoal gray, so they’re perfect for dark and stormy dudes who want to stand out and swim against the current. 

oryx black zirconium wedding ring

The Oryx Black Zirconium Wedding Ring

Think about it, bro. If you’re into fashion and accessorizing, you can wear black and charcoal gray with SO many other colors in your wardrobe. Throw on your dark ring to contrast against a light outfit or enhance a darker one, or to create some cool color schemes. 

Tough as Nails

A tough guy like you needs a wedding ring to match, and black zirconium delivers. These rings are crack resistant and can certainly handle the wear and tear of everyday life, whether you’re gripping a flagon of ale or the handle of an axe. In fact, they even get better looking the longer you wear them. That’s right, bro. The wear and tear and occasional scratch create an awesome silvery look on the ring’s naturally dark color. These rings aren’t as tough as, say, tungsten or metal wedding bands, but they will hold up well for you, bro. We guarantee it. And, if your ring does get a bit dirty, don’t sweat it. You can clean it up in a jiffy. Just clean it with some soap and water, and then dry if off with a soft cloth. 


Black zirconium rings are also hypoallergenic, which is the science way of saying they won’t cause an allergic reaction. Some dudes have nickel allergies or sensitive skin, which is a bummer cuz they can’t wear certain types of jewelry without breaking out in a rash or something similarly uncomfortable and irritating. If this sounds like you, you’re not alone, bro, and you don’t have to look any further to find your dream wedding band that will look AND feel great!


When it comes to their look, black zirconium rings are super versatile like a Swiss Army knife or your favorite pass-catching running back. Remember what we said earlier about color-coding your fire ‘fits with black zirconium wedding bands? Well, if that was appealing to you, you’re gonna LOVE this. Hope you’re sitting down when you read this, but black zirconium rings can pair well with other materials and incorporate other colors into their design to give you even MORE pizzazz. 

genius black zirconium wedding ring

The Genius Black Zirconium Wedding Ring

Let’s take a look at some of our badass black zirconium wedding rings. 

One thing to be careful of when pairing materials on a black zirconium ring? Some of these other materials, like the gold on The Socrates, may contain traces of metal, which can irritate dudes with nickel allergies or sensitive skin. Just lookin’ out for ya, bro.

socrates black zirconium wedding ring

The Socrates Black Zirconium Wedding Ring

Well, bro, now do you see why black zirconium wedding rings are worthy of the Manliest Ring of the Month spotlight? Good! Now let’s get one on your finger today. Shop the rest of our collection and order yours today! If you have any other questions, all you gotta do is ask. Later!

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