Four Reasons Why You Should Insure Your Wedding Ring

When you make an expensive purchase like a car, home, or PlayStation, you usually get insurance with it, right? You never know what’s gonna happen, and you’ve gotta be prepared for the unexpected, especially when it comes to important purchases. Well, by this logic, why wouldn’t you insure your wedding ring? Let’s go over the importance of wedding ring insurance, shall we?

Limited Renters and Homeowners Insurance Coverage

When you rent or purchase a home, you need renters and homeowners insurance. This type of insurance protects your belongings and possessions in the event of an untimely accident like a house fire or flood. Each policy is different and offers different levels of coverage for varying situations. 

So that means sometimes jewelry is included, and sometimes it isn’t. And it might be covered if your jewelry gets stolen, but not lost. And it might only cover it up to a certain dollar amount. It’s complicated, and it’s something you’ll have to research on your own when deciding on a policy.

It’s best to just take out a separate insurance policy on your wedding ring. This will offer much more extensive coverage than any homeowner’s or renter’s insurance. Get it appraised to find out the value and go from there—no shortage of options out there when it comes to jewelry insurance.  

1. Insurance =/= Warranty Coverage 

Some people think warranties and insurance are the same thing, but that’s actually not the case. Warranties only cover product and manufacturing defects, not damage from an accident or replacement if lost or stolen. 

Let’s say you order The Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds, but, once it arrives, you see it’s missing one of the inset black diamonds. Well, you can simply send it back to us, and we’ll send you a brand new ring free of charge! But if the ring is in perfect shape when you get it and a diamond falls out while you’re working or something, the warranty won’t cover it. 

Manly Bands provides our loyal customers with warranty coverage for their wedding bands. We have a free 30-day No Questions Asked return policy and a free One-Year Limited Warranty for all ready-to-ship rings. We also offer a free Lifetime Limited Warranty for the Founder’s Line, Gentleman's Reserve, and Custom rings. This covers refinishing, repair, and resealing caused by any manufacturing defects.

wedding rings hands with hollywood background

2. Sentimental Value 

A wedding ring is more than an expensive piece of jewelry. It’s a symbol of your love. When you look at that ring, you not only think of your partner but that special day when you took the final step in your relationship. You’d be crushed if something happened to it. Even though you can’t put a price tag on that sentimental value, insurance can at least help lessen the pain and burden of a damaged ring. 

3. Accidents Happen

Look, bro, accidents happen. That’s what insurance is for; you never know what could go wrong. Especially with a wedding ring … there are lots of ways to accidentally damage your ring. You could squish it while you’re pumping iron at the gym. It could get scratched or broken at work, especially if you work with heavy machinery. Plus, it’s so small that it could easily get lost or even stolen on the rare occasion when you take it off. 

Let’s say you pop it off at the beach to take a swim. It could easily get buried in the sand (that’s why you need our Manly Birch Box for safekeeping). Insurance has you covered in the event of an accident.

4. Reasonably Priced

You don’t have to break the bank for wedding ring insurance, as it’s very reasonably priced. The general rule says that you should insure your wedding ring for $1 or $2 annually per $100 of value. So, let’s say you bought one of our gold wedding rings like The EVP. This ring costs an even $1,000, so insurance should cost you from $10 or $20 per year. That’s a pretty small price to pay, especially when you consider that it would save you from paying full price for a replacement should something happen to your lovely new wedding ring. 

wedding bands on wood

Well, bro, that’s why wedding ring insurance is so important. You paid a lot of money for that fine piece of jewelry. You gotta make sure it’s properly protected in case something happens to it. Any other questions? Feel free to reach out directly or check out the FAQ page.

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