Four Ways to Keep Your Wedding Ring Safe from Damage

Congratulations! You just got married! Now that the dust has settled from the big day, you can finally relax. You probably find yourself sneaking the occasional (frequent) peek at your ring finger. That new wedding band looks badass, right? Well, you need to keep it that way. Wedding rings can take a beating and, if you’re not careful, they can break, scratch, or bend. The good news is that there are some easy ways to keep your wedding ring safe from all types of damage. Read below to learn more!

Regular Cleaning and Maintenance

The easiest way to keep your wedding ring safe from damage is through regular cleaning and maintenance. Lots of rings can be cleaned with some combination of warm water and soap, a chemical solution, or baking soda. Mix them in a bowl, scrub the ring with a toothbrush, and you’re good to go! You can also polish with Windex for an extra shine! However, make sure you check our handy dandy guide beforehand. Rings of different materials need to be cleaned in different ways, and using the wrong methods could cause even more damage. That’s no Bueno.  

Not only does regular cleaning and maintenance protect your wedding band from damage, it keeps it looking fresh all the time. Nobody wants to be walking around with a dull wedding band on their finger ... you want that thing to pop! 

Don’t Wear It ALL the Time

As tempting as it may be, don’t wear your wedding band all the time. Even though our wedding bands are super durable and designed to withstand high amounts of wear and tear, they can still be damaged. Think about it. You paid a lot of money for that piece of fine jewelry. You want to treat it with care and make sure it’s not exposed to any harmful situations.

So, when should you take off your wedding band? Great question. Let’s start with work. If you work at a computer or a job that puts minimal stress on your hands, you’re probably safe to wear it all day. If you work with heavy machinery or find yourself using your hands all day, maybe take it off for work since it has a higher risk of getting scratched, broken, or bent. If you really want to wear it at work, factor that in when purchasing a wedding band. Some materials such as titanium and tungsten are much more suited for those who spend all day welding, chopping wood, or working in another testosterone-laden field.  

deadlift exercise

You should also leave your wedding band behind during physical activities such as lifting weights and playing sports. You’re an athletic guy, and we know you wanna show off that 360 windmill dunk for everybody. But do it without the ring. It can get damaged during workouts and it could interfere with your grip during exercises, which can lead to injury. The sweat is also damaging to some metals. On a similar note, don’t take it with you in the water. If you’re swimming in a pool or the ocean, it could slide right off. Nobody wants to scuba dive for their wedding band. 

If you want to wear your ring ALL the time, check out our silicone bands. Silicone wedding bands are wicked durable and can be worn at virtually all times. They work great as stand-alone bands, but they are also a perfect alternative for those who don’t want to constantly wear their nicer band. It’d be like having a party ring and a professional ring, depending on what shenanigans you and the boys are getting into!

Store It Properly 

Storing your wedding band properly also keeps it safe and sound. If you want your ring to last for a long time and look fresh as the day you got it, there are places you should and shouldn’t keep it. Don’t just throw it on the counter or on your nightstand. Put it in our Manly Birch Box instead ... that’ll keep it safe!

two wedding rings sand

Insurance and Warranties 

Even if you take all the necessary steps, stuff happens. Make sure you properly insure your wedding ring and that it’s covered by the warranty. We have an excellent warranty policy and will take care of you if something happens to your precious. It’s worth it, trust us. 

Wedding bands are expensive, so you gotta keep them safe from damage and looking great. For any other questions, comments, or concerns, check out our FAQ page or hit us up directly

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