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How to Sparkle as Bright as the Bride: Four Men's Wedding Ring Styles That Will Wow

How to Sparkle as Bright as the Bride: Four Men's Wedding Ring Styles That Will Wow

The Lucy In The Sky With Diamonds Solid Gold Wedding Ring

The bride’s wedding ring usually has got all the shine because, up until recently, the only option for a man’s wedding jewelry was a generic gold band. Not anymore. Today, there are countless wedding band options for men, and if you want passersby to gawk at the bling on your ring, you’ve come to the right place. Manly Bands has a ton of styles and custom wedding bands that will shine as bright as the bride’s. Read below to learn more!

Diamond Wedding Bands

The classics are classics for a reason and, when it comes to wedding bling, diamonds shine brightest. A diamond wedding band has a reputation and shine that speaks for itself. They’re showstoppers and conversation starters. At Manly Bands, we have several beautiful styles of diamond bands available in gold, silver, black, and more for you to choose from. By custom ordering a ring, you can mix and match with other materials to find the perfect ring for your finger. We’d be remiss to not mention that these rings cost a bit more than other types, but it’s worth it. Trust us. You’ll feel like a Rockstar or the caped crusader with one of these studs on your finger––because diamonds are forever. 

Meteorite Wedding Bands

Meteorite wedding bands are LITERALLY out of this world. Formed over four billion years ago, the Gibeon meteorite smashed into what is now Namibia around 600 million years ago. This meteorite is very rare, as only 26 tons have been mined. You know what that means? Your meteorite wedding band is super valuable! In fact, it’s literally one of a kind. The crystalline structure makes each meteorite wedding band unique––like a fingerprint or snowflake. 

 The Mr. Swagger Damascus Steel Wedding Ring
The Mr. Swagger Damascus Steel Wedding Ring

The band holding the inlay in place is usually made from another metal, so you can mix and match with whatever you want. Take the Mr. Swagger wedding band. It pairs a Damascus steel band with the meteorite inlay, so you can get your swagger back (but let’s be honest; it never left). We love meteorite wedding bands for all these reasons, and more. Think about it ... how cool is it to tell people that your ring is made of something that fell from the sky?! 

Tungsten Wedding Bands

You’re obviously a strong guy. If you want a wedding band as strong as you are, go with tungsten. It’s ten (10) times harder than 18k gold, making it one of the strongest metals available. In fact, tungsten is so strong that it won’t scratch! And if it gets dirty after a rough day, give your ring a quick polish and it’ll look brand new! This means these tungsten wedding bands can take a beating, so they’re perfect for guys who work with their hands all day.  It doesn’t matter if your hands spend all day spinnin’ records, chopping logs, or casting lines; a tungsten ring is perfect for you.

Dinosaur Bone Wedding Bands

We can all admit we went through a dinosaur phase as kids, right? How could you not ... those things were badass! If you want a ring that would make your younger self geek out, go with one of our dinosaur bone wedding bands! Wait a second ... are you implying ... yes, we are. These rings are made from actual dinosaur bones! Bones from dinosaurs that roamed the Four Corners region of the United States, to be exact. These small fossil pieces are ground into tiny pieces, covered in resin, and formed into the beautiful ring that will soon be on your finger.

At Manly Bands, we love dinosaur wedding rings for so many reasons. Each ring is one of one, they are beautiful, durable, and very versatile. Plus, they are made of literal dinosaurs! Your ring could’ve been a T-Rex ... HOW COOL IS THAT?!?!?!

wedding first dance

Now that you’ve read about some different ring styles, hopefully you’ve decided which is right for you! The next steps are finding out your size and learning how to take care of it. You want the ring to last for a while, right? If you have any other questions, check out our FAQ page or contact us directly. We’re here to help your ring finger shine bright like a diamond ... or dinosaur bone ... or meteorite ... or ... you get the point.