Five of the Most Durable Wedding Ring Materials

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A wedding ring needs to be the perfect mix of brawn and beauty. Many dudes, especially those who work tough jobs with their hands, often struggle to find a durable wedding ring that looks great AND won’t bend, break, or scratch while on their finger. Well, if you’re looking for a wedding ring as tough as you, good news, bro ... Manly Bands has a lot of durable wedding rings that are perfect for the toughest of tough guys.


The Ibex Tungsten Wedding Ring


Let’s start with titanium wedding bands. This badass metal has only been used to make wedding bands for about 30 years or so, but titanium wedding rings have become very popular very quickly and it’s easy to see why. We like to compare titanium wedding rings to a lightweight boxer ... it’s not the heaviest, but pound for pound and ounce for ounce, it’s one of the strongest out there. It won’t bend or scratch, and it’s also very lightweight. It won’t get in the way or weigh your finger down during testosterone-laden activities. It’s also hypoallergenic, so it’s perfect for those with sensitive skin or nickel allergies. Whether you want something minimal or regal, we have a durable titanium wedding band for you!


If titanium rings are like lightweight boxers, tungsten wedding rings are the heavyweights. They’re perfect for those who want to really feel the ring on their finger, not just see it. These rings don’t bend or break, and they’re also scratch-resistant. They’re actually so tough and heavy that they can’t be re-sized, so make sure to order our handy dandy wedding ring sizer

Tungsten rings are also very affordable, so no bros will have to break the bank to look good! If you’re a dude who spends your free time casting lines or chopping logs, this is the ring material for you.

Cobalt Chrome

Next up, we have cobalt chrome. Like titanium, this stuff hasn’t been used to make wedding bands for that long. It’s usually used to make super-unimportant and boring stuff like jet engine turbines and medical implants. If it’s used for stuff like that, you know it’s gotta be tough. It’s harder and more durable than other metals like gold and it won’t scratch up. It can take a beating, trust us.

It also looks great, as the lighter shades of silver really shine and pop! Cobalt chrome wedding rings are also engraveable, so you can customize it with whatever message you’d like, bro. We have lots of durable and sleek-looking cobalt chrome rings, like The Archon and The Cartographer.

Corbett Black Zirconium Wedding Ring

The Corbett Black Zirconium Wedding Ring

Black Zirconium

Like cobalt chrome and titanium, black zirconium hasn’t been used to make wedding bands for that long. It is used to make stuff like nuclear reactors and submarines ... woah ... so it’s gotta be strong. Black zirconium is a nice change of pace from “traditional” wedding band and ring materials because of its color. The dark charcoal gray finish gives it a unique, sleek, and badass look perfect for a tough guy like you. In fact, the dark finish looks even sicker as time goes on.

Oh yeah, and it’s super-durable and lightweight too! It’s not as strong as, say, tungsten, but it can handle anything thrown its way. We like to pair black zirconium rings with badass inlays or sleeves. Take a look at The Jurassic and its awesome dino bone inlay ... it looks as tough as it is!


If you’re asking yourself “What is cerakote?”—don’t worry, bro, you’re not alone. Cerakote is a ceramic coating used to protect metals, woods, polymers, and plastics. It’s most commonly used on guns, but they recently started using it to protect wedding bands. And, let us tell you, it’s tough as nails. It can take the heat ... literally, it can withstand temperatures up to 250 °F. And no matter how hard it is dropped, it won’t break.

 Northstar Cobalt Chrome Wedding Ring

The Northstar Cobalt Chrome Wedding Ring

Not only is this material super durable and tough, it’s beautiful, bro. There are more than 90 color options available, and it can be made into almost any pattern imaginable. You could have so much fun designing a cerakote wedding band for yourself. 

Well, dude, those are our most durable wedding ring materials. If you want a ring as tough as you, you’ve come to the right place. Feel free to head over to the FAQ page or hit us up directly for any other questions, comments, and things of that nature! 

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