Be Like The Bachelor & Fall in Love with the Perfect Wedding Ring

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Hey bro, what’s your guilty pleasure? It’s okay; we all have at least one (we personally have far too many to list), and this is a judgment-free zone. For some it’s music, others certain foods or drinks or TV shows. One popular dude-guilty-pleasure is The Bachelor or The Bachelorette. If you’re not familiar with the premise, a single male bachelor (or female bachelorette) begins with a pool of dating candidates and eliminates them one by one until they find a romantic interest.

Well, wedding ring shopping is kinda like The Bachelor. You have a bunch of options right in front of you and, through various trials and tribulations, you narrow it down until you find the one you love! Let’s take a look at the many types of men’s wedding bands available to find YOUR perfect match today!

The Look 

Dudes used to have only ONE option when it came to wedding bands … solid gold. Well, not anymore. There are so many different color schemes and options available––especially on rings with inlays or sleeves––that it can almost seem overwhelming. But, luckily, this means that you can find any color your heart desires and wear it on your finger for all to see. At Manly Bands, we’ve got so many colors, you’d think our name was Roy G. Biv. If you still want that iconic look, rose gold wedding bands are a great option. Traditions are traditions for a reason and, with those rings, you can either keep it classic and simple like The Affluence or add in some other colors. 

The Horner and its Solid 14K Rose Gold band with a 5mm inlay of actual DINOSAUR BONE gives you that traditional gold with a hint of red. Our titanium, tungsten, and cobalt chrome wedding bands are great options for any silver surfers out there, and we also sell darker black zirconium rings for any night riders. Maybe you want a camouflage ring to hide in plain sight? Or a Damascus Steel cerakote ring like The Mandarin with a cool colored “wavy” pattern? You can shop by color to see what really grabs your eye.

The Material

You don’t just fall in love with how a wedding looks … you need to feel it on your finger to know if it’s the right one, and each dude has a different preference. Some blokes want to really FEEL their ring on their finger like a weighted donut on a baseball bat, so they should go with a heavier metal like tungsten. On the flip side, others just want to throw their ring on and forget about it (set it and forget it, as we say in the jewelry biz). If that sounds like you, go with something lighter like titanium or carbon fiber

gravel carbon fiber wedding ring

The Gravel Carbon Fiber Wedding Ring

What do you do with your hands? Are you working manual labor all day, or are you mashing away at the keyboard all day? Well, you have to think about your day-to-day life and hobbies when finding the perfect ring because durability is another important factor. 

If you want something that can handle a lot of wear and tear, you need a tougher material. If durability isn’t super important, you can get a softer metal like gold. Oh, and one more thing that you gotta consider when picking the material. Do you have a nickel allergy or sensitive skin? If no, then you can pick any type you want. If yes, you gotta get something hypoallergenic because some metals contain traces of nickel that might lead to a rash or breakouts, which nobody wants to deal with. Hypoallergenic ring types include black zirconium, titanium, wood, and more. Make sure you try on some different types of rings so you can get a feel preference and learn your size before ordering.

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More Than One Winner?!?!

If you can’t decide on just one wedding ring, you don't have to! This isn’t The Bachelor. No rules are set in stone (ha!) that say you can only own one ring. Lots of dudes own multiple wedding bands for a bunch of different reasons like more color coordination, durability, or something a bit flashier for special occasions. One super popular backup option is a silicone wedding ring, as these mad durable rings can come off the bench when you don’t want to get your main ring dirty or damaged.

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See, bro? You don’t need Chris Harrison’s help to fall in love with the perfect wedding ring when you’ve got us by your side. If you have any other questions about wedding rings, hit us up because we are always ready to help our beloved and loyal customers.