A Dude's Guide to Buying Wedding Rings Online: Tips, Benefits & More

You can purchase virtually anything you want online today. No, like, let me be more clear ... basically, ANYTHING. Some of the options seem completely unnecessary—like a Nicolas Cage sequin pillow or a baby gold grill pacifier.  Others are much more practical and useful—like food, household items, and clothing. Actually, you could almost talk us into the Nicolas Cage pillow being an essential item.

You know what else you can order online? Wedding rings. Some dudes may be skeptical of ordering something as important and valuable as a wedding ring online, but the experts here at Manly Bands are here to help you out. You can find awesome and unique wedding rings you’ve always dreamed of without ever getting off the couch! We’re gonna tell you some tips, explain the clear benefits, and more. Let’s begin, shall we?

Jurassic Black Zirconium Wedding Ring

The Jurassic Black Zirconium Wedding Ring 

Know Your Size Before Ordering

It’s pretty freakin’ important to know your ring size before ordering. Would you order shoes or a shirt without knowing your size? Didn’t think so. Wedding ring size is super-important for a lotta different reasons. If your ring is too small and tight, you won’t be able to easily get it on and off your finger without some grease or soap or things of that nature. It’ll also cut off circulation and feel like it’s pinching your finger. If it’s too big, your ring will constantly slide or jostle around and could even fall off unexpectedly. 

Your ring should be tight and snug, but not too much. Like, you should have to work a little bit to get it on and off, but it shouldn’t be a burden. Each dude has a different feel preference, and you’ll find yours out pretty quickly. If your ring isn’t properly sized, you’re gonna have to exchange it. Wedding bands of some materials can be re-sized but others can’t, so, for those you’d have to order a whole new ring. That’s why you gotta know your size beforehand (hand ... ha!), bro. 

Dudes can learn their ring size in two simple ways. You can get sized at a local professional jeweler. A professional measurement is super-simple, and you know it’s gonna be accurate. You can also find out your size on your own. Wrap some string around your finger, mark the length, and then measure it with a ruler. Kidding. Don’t actually do that; it won’t work. 

What you SHOULD do is order our Manly Ring Sizer. With this tool, you can size your finger from your own home! Plus, you get a 20% discount on any future purchase. And you can wear it throughout the day to get a feel for a ring on your finger. That’s actually super-important … did you know that your finger size can change over the course of the day? That’s right—science. Temperature, diet, and some other factors can cause your finger to swell or get smaller.

know ring size before ordering graphic

The Manly Ring Sizer helps you find an average finger size since you can measure your finger at multiple times throughout the day. If you’re getting professionally measured, you’ll also want to get measured a couple of different times during the day for that same reason. 

Wedding bands are available in standard and comfort fit. Comfort fit rings are curved on the inside, so less metal touches your finger, and standard rings are flat on the inside. This messes with the sizing a bit, but it’s not that hard … if you know your standard fit size, subtract half a size for comfort fit. There ya go. Most of our rings are comfort fit because we want you to be comfortable while showing off your bling. 

Set a Budget

You should always outline a budget for big purchases like a car, house, or that Nicolas Cage pillow from earlier, and a wedding ring is no different, bro. Knowing what you’re willing and able to spend beforehand helps make shopping easier, especially when you’re buying online. It’s pretty simple to start browsing online—then, bam! You’re talking yourself into buying something you can’t afford, right? 

People have always said you should spend two months of income on an engagement or wedding ring, but this isn’t an exact science. This number will vary, from person to person, because people have different incomes. Plus, who’s to stop you from pulling the trigger on a cheaper yet still beautiful and worthwhile ring or spending a little extra to make your partner happy? 

You’re gonna find some great deals while shopping online that you won’t get at a store, so you may find the ring of your dreams on sale! You’re a smart guy. Think with your head and your wallet when figuring out how much to spend.  

Ordering Online Saves Time and Effort

Money isn’t the only thing you can save by ordering a wedding ring online. You’re also gonna save valuable time and effort. We don’t have to sit here and lecture you on the tedious wedding-planning process because you are living, have lived, or will live it firsthand. While VERY worth it in the end, wedding planning is a long process with lots of decisions and choices. Fortunately for dudes like you, ordering a wedding ring online is one way to make the process a little easier.

save time and effort shopping online graphic

When you order a wedding ring online, you’re saved from a trip or two to the store. Spending all day trying on different rings can be a painstaking and exhausting process, and it might take a while to find the perfect one. When you order online, you’ve got the whole catalog of rings right on your screen. Technology—prettay prettay cool! All you have to do is click and type, and then your shiny ring arrives on your doorstep. You don’t even have to get off the couch!

Now, this doesn’t mean you shouldn’t put off ordering your wedding ring until the last minute. You still need to account for shipping time, any delays, and a worst-case scenario return or exchange. Our rings ship about 5-7 business days after ordering, and you can even update to overnight shipping if needed!

Different Materials and Options

There’s another clear benefit of buying a wedding ring online. You have a TON of options. Wedding bands used to be available in just gold, but not anymore. There are so many more options available today that it can almost feel overwhelming. 

It helps to do your homework beforehand to know what you are looking for and what you need out of a wedding ring. Let’s run through some criteria real quick. Do you want something lightweight or heavy? Well, if you want something lightweight, you could go with titanium or black zirconium. Tungsten is the move for those who want a heavier ring they can really FEEL on their finger. 

buying wedding rings online benefit graphic

What about the color? We have rings of all types of colors like gold, silver, charcoal gray, black, green, orange, and so much more. If you want a multicolored ring, check out our cerakote collection and rings like The Washington or The Mandarin

What about durability? If you work with your hands all day, your ring needs to be able to take a beating. If you sit at a computer and type all day, this won’t be as much of an issue. Some materials like titanium and tungsten are much more durable than softer precious metals like gold and silver. Lots of dudes also purchase a silicone wedding band. This can be your main band or just a backup, but it’s a perfect choice for dudes who want a wedding band that won’t get damaged no matter what.

You can also combine different materials to give your ring a unique look. Certain rings can have a band made of one material and an inlay or sleeve of another. Sleeves are on the inside of the band while inlays are on the outside, and they’re a great way to spice up any ring. Some of our common inlays and sleeves include wood, meteorite, dinosaur, and cerakote.Yes, you read that right. We sell rings with actual meteorite and dinosaur pieces. 

mandarin damascus steel wedding ring

The Mandarin Damascus Steel Wedding Ring

Do you have sensitive skin or a nickel allergy? If that’s the case, you can’t wear certain types of metal without having a reaction like a “ring rash.” Fortunately, lots of materials like black zirconium, titanium, and wood are hypoallergenic. You probably didn’t know how much thought went into buying your wedding ring, but now you do! 

Remember how we just said online shopping saves you time spent at the jewelry store? Well, it won’t save you ALL the time. You should still head on over there to get sized (if you go that route) and try on a couple of different rings. This is a big part of the whole “doing your homework” thing before buying. There are a lot of different materials, and it will help a lot to see which ones feel good on your finger before ordering.

Custom Rings

If you can’t find your perfect ring, make it yourself! That’s right, you can create your own custom ring when you order online with us. We want to give our customers a level of control over their ring that they won’t get in a store. Embrace your inner David Yurman and create the ring of your dreams! It’s like adult Build-a-Bear, but for wedding rings. Dope, right? 

When you customize a ring, you can combine all different types of materials between a band, inlay, and sleeve to create awesome color schemes. You can also engrave the ring with numbers, brief phrases, skylines, coordinates, and anything else! Customizing a ring only adds to its value and makes it feel much more sentimental. 

Warranties and Exchanges

“What if something happens to my ring? What if I receive my ring and it’s not quite what I wanted? Can I still return it since I ordered online and not from a store?” Those are all perfectly normal concerns about ordering something as important and expensive as a wedding ring online. Fortunately for the extra-cautious dudes, we’ve taken care of you. Our warranties and coverage help eliminate any of these concerns and make it super-easy if you need to return or exchange your ring!

You get a FREE warranty with every purchase! You can return or exchange any ring within 30 days of your delivery date, no questions asked. Our “ready to ship” rings come with a one-year warranty, and we offer a lifetime warranty for our Founder’s Line, Gentleman's Reserve, and Custom rings! You can also resize your ring for a percentage fee of the original purchase. We love our customers and are always looking out for them, trust us, bro. We’ve got your back.

package on door step

We’re Here to Help!

Another big concern of online shoppers is a lack of customer support. They’re worried that they may have long wait times to speak with an actual person or they don’t want to talk to a messenger bot. Pshhhh, not here. We have a team of jewelry experts waiting and ready to answer any question you may have! Whether it’s about our return policy, a certain material, or anything else, we are here to help you out! You can holler at us directly right here, and we’ve also assembled this super-convenient FAQ page to help you out. 

Well, bro, now you see how easy it is to buy a wedding ring online. Not only is it super-duper simple, you’ll have some fun with it too! What are you waiting for? Order yours today!

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